New Year 2020: Fate of Modi, Rahul, & Kejriwal

Different thoughts, acts and feelings have helped us walk through 2019 in a single blink. With the last month of 2019 knocking on our doors, 2020 is just around the corner. We are all looking forward to the arrival of Happy New Year 2020 and hope that the New Year brings economic, social and cultural prosperity and happiness in the country as well as life.

Now that we are standing on the threshold of 2020, many questions are arising in our mind for the coming year. Vedic astrology helps us in this context, as it reveals various kinds of possibilities being created for our country in the coming year. Keeping this in mind, we have tried to explore the political conditions of the country in 2020 and challenges or opportunities following it. Will Modi government succeed in facing challenges? Will there be any vicissitudes in the assembly elections? Let us take a look at the future of India in the political realm in the year 2020:

Independent India’s Kundli & 2020

India has its ascendant sign Taurus and moon sign Cancer. By the way, the effective sign of India is Capricorn. According to the kundli of independent India, the eighth and eleventh house lord Jupiter is posited in the sixth house. On the other hand, Saturn, the dominant yoga karaka, is the lord of the ninth and tenth house and placed in the third house.

india 2020

Independent India

(15-8-1947, 0:0:1, New Delhi)

  • The transit of Jupiter is taking place in the sixth house from the moon sign of India, which is the sign of the eighth house from Lagna. This transit of Jupiter cannot be said to be favorable, as Jupiter isn’t beneficially posited in the independent India’s kundli. Also in the present time, India is undergoing the Moon Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha, which will continue till December 11, 2019.
  • It is important to note that Saturn and Ketu are already in this Sagittarius sign and Solar Eclipse is also occurring in this sign in December. According to Medini Astrology, the eighth house mainly represents the country’s mortality, social security, secret policies, conspiracies, national debt, natural disasters and other difficulties. Jupiter is the factor for growth, and tells about the courts and religious leaders of the country.
  • Saturn is a benefactor of democracy and Jupiter represents the effect of democracy. The conjunction of these two planets with Ketu in the eighth house reveals religious intolerance, frenzy, natural disasters and difficult times for the country.

Let us now understand all these astrological aspects in detail and talk about each topic further. Usually the horoscopes created at the time of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada and Republic Day are also included in the study, but because the main question enquires about the year 2020’s beginning, we have taken into account the planetary positions and dashas in order to predict the future.

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Political Scenario Of India In 2020

Looking at the political scenario of the country, it can be said that the Saturn will undergo its Antardasha or sub-period during the major period of Mahadasha of Moon during mid-December, which will last until July 2021. That is, Saturn Antardasha will mark its influence throughout the year. Saturn being a yoga karaka planet is placed in the third house of the India’s kundli and Mercury’s nakshatra. Certainly, this position of Saturn will bring compatibility to the political scenario of India, but the government will continue its activities while facing as well as answering it opponents.

However, all efforts will be made to spoil the democratic conditions of the country using religion and money as a bait for the sake of a few votes. Politically, the government will have to face opposition from multiple sides or internal conflicts within the party along with voices of protest. Some partis who shared close association with the government may step out of unison as well. Although, the time will decide the upcoming challenges and benefits from the present situation, but the ruling party will have to prove itself.

Saturn is the representative of justice, and the ninth house is the factor of religion and justice. The transit of Saturn will take place in Capricorn on January 24, but its effect is already visible. The situation regarding Ram Mandir has been clarified with Jupiter in Sagittarius because Sagittarius is the ruler of the ninth house of religion in Kaal Purush Kundali, whereas in this only, Jupiter is placed with the religious Ketu supported by the Sun. With Saturn in Capricorn, a change in the judiciary system of the country can be seen.

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In such a situation, there won’t be any delay in justice-related matters, and by the grace of Saturn, the government policies will be accessible to the common man, which will benefit them as well as improve the image of the government. Jupiter will occasionally mark its impact, which will result in rebel and demonstrations. People associated with religion will certainly attain benefits. Certainly, the government will need to take drastic measures in many cases.

Birth Chart of Shri Narendra Modi & 2020

The current Prime Minister of India is Shri Narendra Modi, who has a Scorpio ascendant and Scorpio moon sign.

modi kundli

Shri Narendra Modi

(17-9-1950, 11:00, Mehsana)

During this phase, he will under the major period or Mahadasha of Moon along with the sub-period or Antardasha of Venus. In the year 2020, the sub-period or Antardasha of Venus will be effective and his Lagna and moon sign falls in the seventh house from the independent India’s kundli. In such a case, his kundli si strengthening the present kundli of the country.

In both the kundlis, the Moon imparts strong influence. In his kundli, ninth house lord Moon is placed with Lagna house lord Mars in Lagna itself and creating a strong Raj Yoga while remaining under the influence of Venus and Jupiter. The seventh house also represents international trade, issues, and public image. Along with it, the twelfth house also refers to the relationship with foreign countries. Therefore throughout this dasha, Mr. Modi has been visiting various countries and engaged in creating a business-centric atmosphere for the welfare of his country. He is seen succeeding in his endeavors.

In the coming year too, he will take many such decisions which will result in an increase in India’s reputation in the foreign markets and trade. Hence, these countries will join hands with India and get involved in trade and business, therefore strengthening India’s image. The transit of Jupiter from his sign is taking place in the second house, whereas Shani Sade Sati is currently going on, which will end on 24 January and only then Saturn will enter the third house. This placement of Saturn will increase its might and enable him to move forward with confidence and strong will-power. As a result, no one will be able to stop him from moving forward and India’s image will also get benefitted from this to a great extent.

Thus it can be said that the year 2020 will be very favorable for Modi ji. Even after facing opponents, his popularity will increase and his populist schemes will reach out to the masses.

Kundli of BJP & 2020

Shri Narendra Modi leads the ruling party BJP, also known as Bharatiya Janata Party. The birth chart of BJP is of Gemini ascendant and Scorpio moon sign.

bjp kundli

Bharatiya Janata Party

(6-4-1980, 11:40:0, New Delhi)

The transit of Jupiter in the Bharatiya Janata Party’s kundli takes place in the seventh house from Lagna and second house from Moon, due to which the party will be religiously known. Also, due to the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius, some major and out-of-the-box decisions will be made within the party. During this time, some opposing parties may announce their association with the Bharatiya Janata Party and some policies will be formulated by the party, which will increase its influence further, making BJP most likely the largest political party in the country. It must be noted that the Moon’s Mahadasha is influencing the BJP’s kundli, whereas Rahu will undergo its sub-period or Antardasha throughout the year.

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Moon, being the second house lord, occupies the sixth house, conjuncts with the Rahu, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter and remains under the aspect of Mercury in the third house under Ketu’s Nakshatra. This situation will certainly create some upheaval and may even alienate certain allies from the party. After this, due to Saturn’s transit in Capricorn, the situation will change further and there is a possibility of a conflict between the present Central Government and the states and BJP government. In such a situation, the Central Government can work against the policies of BJP, which can lead to opposition.

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Birth Chart of Shri Rahul Gandhi & 2020

The main figure of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, has a Libra ascendant and Sagittarius moon sign.

rahul gandhi kundli

Shri Rahul Gandhi

(19-6-1970, 14:28:0, New Delhi)

One thing to note in his kundli is that the transit of Jupiter is taking place in the moon sign, where Saturn is posited with Ketu. in the month of December, Solar Eclipse will also take place in this sign, which can bring troubles for them. There can be health-related problems. Throughout this year, Rahu will undergo its sub-period or Antardasha during its major period or Mahadasha. Rahu is posited in the fifth house with Saturn-ruled sign Aquarius in his kundli and own nakshatra Satabhisha. This position of Rahu will definitely take them ahead in life, however the ruler of the Rahu-occupied sign Saturn is placed in the seventh house in a debilitated state, which can ruin the public image. But on the other hand, the aspect of Jupiter will work in their favour.

Presently Rahu’s transit is taking place on Sun and Mars at the time of his birth, hereby creating multiple troubles and stressful situations. Saturn will make its transit in their second house from the moon sign, which will lead to the commencement of the last phase of Sade Sati. Along with this, Saturn will transit in the fourth house from Lagna, which doesn’t seem to be more favourable. In such a situation, they may have to face heavy pressure and resentment from the members of his own party.

Kundli of Congress & 2020

As per the kundli mentioned below, then the Congress Party has a Pisces ascendant and Virgo moon sign.

inc kundli


(2-1-1978, 11:59:0, New Delhi)

The kundli of the party shows that Jupiter has entered the tenth house from Lagna and fourth house from the moon sign, whereas Saturn will transit in the eleventh house from Lagna and fifth house from the Moon sign. With these planetary positions, Congress is likely to attain mixed results, i.e. a perfect mixture of challenges as well as benefits. Some situations will be beneficial, but it won’t be enough for Congress to retain its credibility, which is why Congress will have to work hard on root level and connect with the common masses in order to attain the desired outcome.

From the present till the next year, the Sun will undergo its sub-period during the major period of Jupiter. This time can prove to be favourable, as Jupiter is the ruling lord of the Lagna and tenth house and posited in the fourth house whereas the sixth house lord Sun is placed in the tenth house. However, the party will also have to face mutual conflicts, due to which the party may have to change their leadership at certain instances.

India in 2020: Vidhan Sabha Elections in Delhi & Bihar

This year, the assembly elections in the two big states of Delhi and Bihar can be announced. While elections in Delhi may be held between January and February, this situation will be prevalent in Bihar in the months of October and November. If we look at the position of the planets, then it can be said that Jupiter’s placement in Sagittarius can create unfavourable situations for the ruling party, but if elections are held when both Jupiter and Saturn are posited in Capricorn zodiac sign, then situations can turn favourable for the ruling party.

Talking about Delhi elections, Dev Guru Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius sign between January-February, due to which this party may have to suffer a bit. However, looking at the Bihar elections, we can say that the government can manipulate and succeed in retaining its power.

If we talk about the fate of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi elections, then we can analyse the birth chart of the leading figure, i.e. Arvind Kejriwal, who has a Taurus ascendant and Aries moon sign.

arvind kejariwal kundli

Shri Arvind Kejriwal

(16-8-1968, 23:46, Hisar)

Elections can be held in Delhi in the month of January or February. During this time, the sub-period or Antardasha of Venus will most likely be undergoing during the major period or Mahadasha of Jupiter in his kundli. Jupiter is the lord of the eighth and eleventh house in his kundli, and posited with Venus and Mercury in the fourth house. On the other hand, Venus rules the Lagna and sixth house.

In this duration, Jupiter will transit in the eighth house and Saturn will enter the ninth house on January 24, which suggests that they may have to face unexpected circumstances and backfire. However, they will perform better in some places but face major disappointment on a whole.

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