Hanuman Jayanti Special: Seek Bajrangbali’s Blessings With These Rituals

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated twice a year. The first celebration will take place on Tuesday, 27 April 2021. Those who are not aware of this should know that the first Hanuman Jayanti to be celebrated in a year is celebrated during Chaitra Shukla Purnima, which usually falls during the month of March or April, as per the Gregorian Calendar.

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The second one is observed during Kartik month’s Krishna Chaturdashi, which also coincides with the festival of Narak Chaturdashi, which usually arrives in the month of September or October.

Hanuman Jayanti 2021 Shubh Muhurat ?

The first Hanuman Jayanti this year will be celebrated on Tuesday, 27 April 2021. The Muhurat for the same is given below. 

Hanuman Jayanti Tithi  Tuesday, 27 April 2021
Purnima Tithi Begins  12:46:12 on April 26, 2021
Purnima Tithi Ends  09:03:15 on April 27, 2021

Note: The Muhurat timings mentioned above will remain valid for the New Delhi area only. In order to know the auspicious Muhurat for your city, Click Here

Now, let us take a look at the Puja Vidhi of Hanuman Jayanti, which are mentioned below. 

  • On the day of Hanuman Jayanti, wake up early in the morning and eulogize Goddess Sita, Lord Shree Rama and of course Lord Hanuman. 
  • Take a holy bath after waking up early in the morning and take an oath to observe the Hanuman Jayanti fast. 
  • Afterwards, establish the idol of Lord Hanuman in the eastern direction of your house. Keep in mind that the idol is of Lord Hanuman in a standing posture. 
  • Afterwards, pay reverse to the Lord with a devoted heart and mind and chant this Mantra. “ॐ हं हनुमते नमः।/  oṃ haṃ hanumate namaḥ
  • Do not forget to offer vermilion to the Lord while commemorating the puja rituals. 
  • You can also offer Paan to the mighty lord. 
  • Seeking health, wealth and prosperity for your household, offer sweets(Imarti) to the Lord as it is considered to be very auspicious. 
  • It is also considered extremely auspicious and fruitful to recite the Sundar Kaand Paath and the Hanuman Chalisa from the Ramcharitmanas on the occasion of  Hanuman Jayanti.
  • Lastly, perform the Aarti of Lord Hanuman and then distribute prasad of jaggery and gram(chana).

Hanuman Jayanti: How Important is this Festival? 

There is a special relevance of Lord Hanuman’s Jayanti, who also happens to be the dearest devotee of Lord Rama. As per the Hindu Calendar, the festival is celebrated during Chaitra Purnima. On this very day, Lord Hanuman, who is also stated to be another incarnation of Mahadev, took birth from Ajana Devi’s womb. 

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It is said about Sankatmochan Lord Hanuman that upon eulogizing his name, all the sufferings and pains of one’s life come to an end. The devotees of the Lord believe that if they are under the benediction of Hanuman Ji, no grief or misfortune can cross paths with them. 

  • In such a situation, devotees observe a fast with a devoted heart and mind to appease the Lord and worship him duly. 
  • There is such a belief among devotees about this day that whosoever recites the Hanuman Chalisa 11 times with a sincere heart on the day of Hanuman Jayanti, the Lord definitely.
  • On the day of Hanuman Jayanti, special Puja ceremonies are organised at temples. 
  • Devotees offer vermilion to appease the Lord and also organise the Sunderkand Paath. 
  • Many fairs are also organized in some parts of the country on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. 

How was Lord Hanuman Born? 

Pawan Putra Hanuman was born to Devi Anjana and Vanar Raj Kesari. This episode of his birth finds a mention in the Skanda Purana too. It has been stated that on being asked by sage Matanga, both Anjana and Kesari went to Venkatachal mountains and took bath in a pilgrimage site named Pushkarini. Later on, they bowed in front of Lord Venkatesh or ‘Barah’, who was the presiding deity of that place.

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After this, both of them went to the Akashganga Teerth and worshipped Vayu Dev. It is said that the God of wind was pleased with their devotion when Mata Anjani went through a deep penance for a thousand years and the Lord appeared before her and asked her to seek a boon. Mata Anjani then expressed her desire to have children.  Symbolising the fulfilment of this boon, Sankatmochan Lord Hanuman was born to Mata Anjani.

Things Which Should be Kept in Mind During Hanuman Jayanti 

  • While performing any Puja ritual, it is of utmost importance to maintain cleanliness. In such a situation, wear clean clothes while commemorating the Puja rituals on the day of Hanuman Jayanti. Under any circumstances, do not go near the lord while wearing dirty clothes. 
  • Refrain from adhering to a non-vegetarian diet on this day. 
  • If you are observing a fast on this day, then make it a prerogative not to consume salt. 
  • Lord Hanuman was celibate, which is why he maintained a distance from women and their touch. Keeping this in mind, female native can light a lamp and place it near the feet of the Lord and commemorate their Puja successfully. It should be known that female natives should not touch the idol of Lord Hanuman while offering the Puja. They should also make sure not to offer any clothes to the lord.

Find out How Kesari Nandan Attained the Status of a Deity? 

Lord Hanuman is also known as Kesari Nandan Maruti (the son of Kesari). However, there is also a whole story associated with this belief. 

One fine day when the Lord was a child, he woke up from his sleep and felt very hungry. He saw a red ripe fruit in a tree nearby and set out to devour it. But what he thought to be a ripened fruit was actually the Sun. It was the day of Amavasya or the New Moon and the solar eclipse was just about to begin.  But even before Rahu could make this happen, Lord Hanuman consumed the Sun. Rahu in a clueless state kept wondering what’s going on and ultimately approached Devraj Indra for help. 

Even after hearing numerous pleas from Lord Indra, Hanuman Ji did not free the Sun. an angry and frustrated Indra Dev started hitting Hanuman Ji on his face. Because of this, the Sun was freed but the Maruti Lord fainted and fell from the sky and landed on earth. 

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Lord Pawan was not at all happy with this and he took Maruti with him only to disappear into a cave. Afterwards, all hell started breaking loose in the Earth. To stop this destruction, the other Lords pleaded with Indra Dev to let go of his anger and come back.  

After this, all the Gods bestowed different powers in Maruti Nandan and gave him the boon that he will be worshipped by the name of Hanuman. From this day onwards, Maruti came to be known as Hanuman.

Remedies as per Zodiac Signs & Please Lord Hanuman

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  • Aries natives should recite the one faced(Ek Mukhi) Hanuman Kawach, offer Boondi to the Lord and distribute the same as Prasad amongst small children. 
  • Taurus natives should recite the Sundarkand Paath from the Ramcharitmanas and offer sweet bread/roti to the Lord. The same should also be fed to monkeys. 
  • Gemini natives should recite the Arandkand Paath from the Ramcharitmanas, and offer a pan to Hanuman ji and then feed it to the cow.
  • Cancer natives should recite the Panchmukhi Hanumant Kawach and offer yellow coloured flowers to the Lord. 

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  • Leo people should recite the Bal Kand Paath from the Ramcharitamanas and offer jaggery rotis to the Lord. Afterwards, the same should also be fed to a needy person. 
  • Virgo people should recite the Lanka Kand Paath from the Ramcharitamanas and light a pure Ghee lamp in front of the Lord. 
  • Libra natives should recite the Bal Kand Paath from the Ramcharitmanas and offer Kheer/porridge to the Lord. 
  • Scorpio natives should recite the Hanuman Ashtak and offer jaggery rice to the Lord. Once the Puja is complete, the rice should be fed to the cow. 
  • Sagittarius natives should recite the Ayodhya Kand Paath from the Ramcharitmanas and offer honey to the Lord. The same should also be accepted as Prasad once the Puja rituals are complete. 
  • Capricorn people should recite the Kishikanda Kand Paath from the Ramcharitamanas and offer lentils( Masur) to the Lord. 
  • Aquarius natives should recite the Uttar Kand Paath from the Ramcharitmanas and offer sweet rotis to the Lord. 
  • Last but not the least, Pisces natives should recite the Hanumant Bahuk and take an oath to hoist a red flag at a Lord Hanuman Temple. Afterwards, try to accomplish the oath. 

So, this was all you need to know about this festival. Wish you a very happy and prosperous Hanuman Jayanti!! 


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