Hamas-Israel War 2023: What Does Planetary Position Indicate?

Hamas-Israel War 2023: A major battle between Hamas and Israel has begun before the end of 2023. Both Hamas and Israel have begun launching deadly rockets on each other, and the consequences of this war will be felt around the world. Everyone is worried about the outcome of the war between the Palestinian organization Hamas and Israel. Along with this, people are wondering whether the battle will last a long time or whether a solution will be found soon. Learn about the conditions involving the battle between Hamas and Israel from the perspective of astrology in this blog.

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Israel And Hamas Prediction

According to astrology, in the Hamas-Israel War 2023 the Moon was in Gemini on the day Israel was attacked, resulting in a conflict between Hamas and Israel. Jupiter and Rahu were in the ninth house on the day of the attack, and they are still there. The day of the attack has a Virgo ascendant, with Jupiter and Rahu conjunct in the eighth house. Mars and Ketu are both present in the second house. Both of these are deadly houses, and due to Saturn’s placement in the eighth house in Israel’s zodiac, there is a chance for a war.

According to Vedic astrology, Palestine’s condition looks very good right now, and it will survive the war for a few more days. For the next 8 to 10 days, Hamas and Palestine will be ahead of Israel in this battle.

When Will This Battle End

The current war between Hamas and Israel is in a bad state, and there are indicators of growing hostility between these two. According to the movement of the planets, Hamas will remain dominant for a few days, but Israel will win the conflict in 20 days to two months.

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When Will This Battle End According To Astrology 

Rahu will change signs on October 30th, moving from Aries to Pisces. With Rahu’s shift in posture, the pace of the battle will begin to decrease, and Israel will stay firm in the face of Hamas.

Impact Of Hamas And Israel War On India 

According to astrology, the war between Hamas and Israel will not last long, but Israel will suffer greatly as a result of it. The rest of the countries will want to stay out of this fight till the end of the day, but due to Rahu’s transit in Pisces, there may be conflict in northern India. At the moment, there is a risk of escalation between India and China.

Possible Duration Of War As Per Astrology 

Mars entered Libra in its own Chitra Nakshatra on October 3, and the distinctive feature is that Mars and Libra have an adversarial relationship. Only four days following this move, Hamas launched an attack on Israel. Because Mars is in its own constellation, a war has broken out, and thousands of innocent people have died as a result of it being in an enemy sign.

Saturn will enter Mars’ Dhanishta Nakshatra on October 15 and will remain there until November 24. The fight will gain momentum as Saturn enters the Mars constellation.

In the Hamas-Israel War 2023, Rahu is conjunct Jupiter in Aries, forming Chandal Yoga, and Ketu is in Libra. Saturn is in its natural triangular zodiac sign of Aquarius, while Mars is in Libra. The planets’ alignment will exacerbate the scenario of war and strife. Saturn, in Aquarius, casts a third gaze towards Rahu and Jupiter. As soon as Mars entered Libra on October 3, the seventh and complete aspect of Mars, the courage component, began to descend on the conjunction of Jupiter, Ketu, Saturn, and Rahu, resulting in a battle between Hamas and Israel. According to astrological estimates, the war between Hamas and Israel is likely to go until November 16.

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Netnyahu  Might Have To Resign 

Benjamin Netanyahu has been Prime Minister of Israel five times, and there is a condition of violence in the sixth house of his horoscope and the eighth house of Israel’s Ascendant horoscope. If the planets are right, Netanyahu may be compelled to resign by next year.

Predictions By Nostradam 

Michel de Nostradamus published ‘Les Prophecies’ some 500 years ago. This book produced 942 predictions, including prophecies of future terrible battles. Nostradamus also predicted the Second World War and the French Revolution in his book, both of which came true.

Nostradamus foretold a major conflict in 2023, in which people would be punished for their wrongdoings. Simultaneously, he has forecasted that the continuing conflict between Russia and Ukraine will escalate into the Third World War.

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