Guru Chandal-Grahan Yoga In April: These Zodiacs Must Beware Of 2 The Vicious Yogas!

Two Vicious Yogas: According to astrological predictions many planets, including Jupiter, Venus, and Jupiter, will change their zodiac signs in the month of April. On April 21, Mercury will retrograde in the sign of Aries, and on April 22, Jupiter will transit in the same zodiac sign, Aries. Guru Chandal Yoga will be formed in the Aries Zodiac Sign as soon as Jupiter reaches Aries and makes conjunction with Rahu which is already present there. In astrology, this Yoga is regarded as being extremely harmful for natives. 

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Along with this, as mentioned above, Rahu is already present in Aries, and the ruler of the planets, Sun, will make transit in Aries on 14th April. Due to this, Rahu and Sun will conjoin in Aries and conjunction of the both the planets in Aries will form Grahan Yoga. So, it will be advisable for some zodiac signs to exercise the utmost caution due to the formation of these Two Vicious Yogas in the month of April because this period could be a difficult one for some zodiac signs. Now let’s find out the list of the zodiac signs who need to be cautious during the formation of these Two Vicious Yogas in April 2023.

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Two Vicious Yogas In April 2023: An Alert For These Zodiacs


In April, those born under the sign of Leo need to exercise caution due to the formation of Two Vicious Yogas in April. These natives might have to deal with issues related to work at their workplace. Also, your financial situation could also suffer so you should keep a check on your spendings and control your expenses, rather than spending money extravagantly, try to save it and set a budget for yourself. If you are a business, then you should think twice before making any investment because there is a possibility that you might lose money during this period.

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For Libra natives, this period could prove to be a difficult phase of their life, they are vulnerable to their sworn enemies since they will try to ruin you and set a trap to defame you. So, you should not trust anyone too quickly during this period. Along with this, people born under this sign will need to take a little extra care with their health during this time and there could be some tension within the household or in marriage. These issues could be related to deteriorating financial issues and lack of understanding in the family. Apart from this, you have to keep patience and trust your partner because during this period the trivial matters and ignored issues could adversely impact your marriage that might be on the brink of separation due to the formation of Two Vicious Yogas in April.


For the people of Scorpio zodiac sign, these Two Vicious Yogas formed in the month of April are expected to bring mixed outcomes as they might experience a range of effects from these Yogas. These natives also could face issues in their professional life so this is the reason you are advised to control their temperament and avoid being impulsive in office, this behavior could put you in trouble and you might put your job on stake by doing this. Along with this, avoid the monetary transaction, lending or borrowing money as there is a chance of financial loss. Those natives who are married might also face some distress in their married life. Try to maintain a healthy bond with your life partner and spend some quality time with them.

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The Two Vicious Yogas forming in April will not spare Sagittarius natives as well, due to which these natives might have to go through thick and thin in life during this period. Those natives who have been seeking employment for a long time might have to face rejections or wait for a longer period to get approved in a company. Sagittarius natives, you should also not neglect your well being because you are prone to some disease which might bother you for a longer period. So, you should take care of your health and take a balanced diet. Do regular exercise and avoid consuming alcohol or smoking. Students belonging to this sign might have to put in a lot of effort in order to succeed in competitive examinations. There is also a chance of discord within the household. Additionally, this period might prove challenging financially for Sagittarius natives.

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