Grahan Dosha: When Rahu & Ketu Cause Eclipse Affliction!

AstroSage welcomes the readers on this special blog post: Grahan Dosha: When Rahu & Ketu Cause Eclipse Affliction! This special blog is prepared for our ardent readers who are keenly looking for several ways and remedies to cope with the Grahan Dosha. Also, we will provide those details which are quite important to know for those who are having Grahan Dosha. We will discuss how this Grahan Dosha creates and how negatively it can impact a natives life and progress. So, let’s move ahead without any further ado.

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Grahan Dosha And Cosmic Alignment 

The Grahan Dosh, which Rahu and Ketu together form, is the most dreaded Dosha in Vedic astrology. Grahan Dosha is a condition that affects natives who were born during a solar or lunar eclipse.

The word for eclipse in Sanskrit is Grahan. You develop Grahana Dosha if Rahu or Ketu, two Chaya Grahas (shadow planets) that are present at the time of your birth in close conjunction with the Sun or Moon, or if you were born during an eclipse. When the Sun or Moon is in the same house as Rahu or Ketu in the native’s birth chart during the Lagna era, Grahan Dosha will emerge in the horoscope of a baby. There are a total of four types of Grahan Dosha.

  1. Poorna Chandra Grahan Dosha
  2. Poorna Surya Grahan Dosha
  3. Partial Chandra Grahan Dosha
  4. Partial Surya Grahan Dosha

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Impact Of Grahan Dosha

Vedic astrology states that a person who is born with Grahan Dosh in their birth chart may suffer from the following negative effects.  Such as

  • They face business failure and loss and work pressure at work.
  • They could have an insecure future and career with lack of growth and opportunities.
  • There could be delays in marriage or conflicts in married life.
  • Native could be surrounded by health issues.
  • Loss of respect and reputation in the society could also be led by Grahan Dosha.

Astrological Remedies To Remove Lunar Eclipse Affliction 

  • Donate milk on four consecutive Mondays in a Shubh Muhurat.
  • See if you can wear Pearl or install a Chandra Yantra at home by seeing an astrologer.
  • Shiva is considered to have saved the Moon from a curse, hence it is advisable to pray to him every day by chanting his Mantras.
  • Chant Moon Mantras 108 times a day, especially on Mondays, such as “Om Somaya Namaha” or Om Chandraya Namaha.”
  • Additionally, you can consume milk in a silver cup by adding honey and turmeric in it, particularly on Purnima (Full Moon) night. 

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Astrological Remedies To Remove Solar Eclipse Affliction 

  • Donate jaggery to priests on a regular basis for seven Sundays in a row (Muhurta).
  • See if you can wear Ruby or keep a Surya Yantra at home by seeing an astrologer.
  • Since it is believed that the Sun is an aspect of Vishnu and that his avatars are descended from the Sun, you should pray to him every day by reciting his Mantras.
  • Every day at sunrise, particularly on Sundays, recites the Gayatri Mantra 108 times. Every morning while reciting the Gayatri Mantra, offer Arghya to the Sun.
  • It is advised to drink water from a copper container if you have Surya Grahan Dosha.

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