Govardhan Puja 2021: Pujan Vidhi, Muhurat & Signwise Remedies to Attain The Blessings of Lord Krishna

The celebration of Diwali lasts for 5 days in some places, out of which, the fourth day is specially dedicated to Govardhan Puja. The festival of Govardhan Puja is celebrated on the Pratipada Tithi in Kartik month during Shukla Paksha. In many parts of the country, Annakoot Puja and Bali Puja are also performed. This festival is celebrated on the very second day of Diwali and forms a direct connection between nature and human life. 

In Hinduism, cows are adorned as mothers and on the day of Govardhan Puja, Gau Mata is worshipped. There are mentions in Shastras that the mother cow is as holy and pious as the water of Maa Ganga. Although the festival of Govardhan is celebrated on the next day of Diwali, at times, there is a gap of a day between the two festivals.  

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Govardhan Puja 2021 Muhurat For New Delhi, India

Govardhan Puja Pratahkal Muhurat: 06:35:38 to 08:47:12

Duration: 2 Hour 11 Minute

Govardhan Puja Sayankal Muhurat: 15:21:53 to 17:33:27

Duration: 2 Hour 11 Minute

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Significance Of Celebrating Govardhan Puja

Govardhan Parvat is spread in the Brij region as a small hill, still, it is called the king of mountains. The reason behind this is that it is only the surviving relic of the time of Lord Krishna, which is quite stable and permanent. Besides this, Govardhan is considered to be a form of Lord Krishna, and therefore, it is worshipped on this very day. As per the lines mentioned in Garg Samhita illustrating the significance of Govardhan, it is stated that Govardhan is the king of mountains and is devotedly loved by Lord Hari and there is no other beautiful pilgrimage site like this in any other part of the country.     

Rituals To Perform Govardhan Puja

Let’s move forward and know the exact Pujan Vidhi of Govardhan by the adoption of which, you can attain maximum benefits on this very day.  

  • The very first and most important Vidhi of this day is to perform worship either in the morning or in the evening. 
  • Create a shape of Govardhan using cow dung and decorate it with flowers.  
  • Offer incense sticks, lamp/Diya, Naivedya, fruits, water, etc. in the worship of Govardhan.  
  • Besides this, the tradition of worshipping cows, bulls, and other farming animals has been followed. 
  • Create a shape of Govardhan in the lying form of a man and put a lamp/Diya on its navel. At the time of worship, curd, milk, Gangajal, honey, and Batashe are put in the lamp/Diya and after the worship, they are distributed among all the people in the form of Prasad.  
  • Further, revolve around the Govardhan seven times and chant his name loudly. 
  • Keep a round metal pot filled with water in your hand while doing Parikrama. This is just like the activity of sowing barley.
  • It is believed that the worship of Govardhan blesses a person with immense wealth, children, etc. Lord Vishwakarma is worshipped on the Govardhan Puja and many people worship the machinery and tools in their factories. 

In the evening of the same day, Bali, the king of the demons, is also worshipped.  

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Signwise Remedies to Attain The Blessings of Lord Krishna

  • Aries: Worship Lord Krishna while lifting Govardhan Parvat. He should be offered yellow flowers.   
  • Taurus: Offer white flowers and buffalo made up of silver to Lord Krishna.   
  • Gemini: Lord Krishna’s idol should be adorned with green clothes and worship Radha-Krishna. 
  • Cancer: Offer milk to Lord Krishna and chant the mantra ॐ क्लीं कृष्णाय नमः/oṃ klīṃ kṛṣṇāya namaḥ.
  • Leo: Worship Lord Krishna with red flowers and venerate the Yogiraj form of Krishna.
  • Virgo: Worship Radha Rani along with Krishna ji and offer food to Gaumata.
  • Libra: Offer Kheer to the Lord with a silver spoon and bowl.
  • Scorpio: Worship the child form of Lord Shri Krishna and offer Chappan Bhog to the Lord.
  • Sagittarius: Venerate Lord Vishnu ji with yellow flowers and worship the Govardhan form of Krishna, who is himself an avatar of Lord Vishnu.
  • Capricorn: Worship Lord Krishna by offering him blue flowers and blue clothes.
  • Aquarius: Wear green-coloured clothes and offer peacock feathers to the Lord.
  • Pisces: Chant the Mool Mantra of Lord Shri Krishna and worship Radha Rani and Balram Ji along with him.

Mythological Legend Behind Celebrating This Festival

There is a mention of the significance of Govardhan Puja in Vishnu Purana and as per the beliefs, it is said that Lord Indira was drowned in the arrogance of his powers and thus, Lord Krishna decided to play a trick upon him to eliminate his arrogance. Once upon a time, people were preparing different kinds of dishes in Gokul and were enjoying to the fullest. Seeing this, Bal Krishna asked his mother Yashodha, “Which festival are people going to celebrate?” The mother replied, “We all are planning to worship Dev Raj Indra.” 

To this, he further questioned, “Why is Lord Indra worshipped?” Then, she replied that heavy downpour occurs with the grace of Lord Indra and it plays an important role in the growth of crops and fodder is made available for cows and other animals. After paying immense heed to mother’s words, Lord Krishna said that if this prevails, they should worship Govardhan hill as our cows graze on it to satisfy their hunger. The trees and plants grown over there are the very cause of rain. 

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After hearing Lord Krishna, the people of Gokul started worshipping the Govardhan Parvat. Senses this, Lord Indra became furious and did a heavy rainfall in Gokul to take revenge for his insult. This downpour was so destructive that all the living beings of Gokul got frightened. Then, Lord Krishna lifted Govardhan Parvat on his finger to protect the people of Gokul and urged all the villagers to come beneath the Parvat. 

At this, Lord Indra became more furious and he increased the intensity of the rainfall and the rainfall lasted for 7 days, however, no one from the Gokul got affected as Lord Krishna kept the Govardhan Parvat on his finger for all the 7 days. Then, Lord Indra realised that his confrontation is not with an ordinary child but Lord Krishna himself, then he at once tendered his apology and offered Bhog. It is said that since then, the tradition of worshipping Govardhan Parvat started. 

  • Govardhan Parvat is situated in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, and on this very day, lakhs of devotees from different corners of the country come here for Govardhan Puja and perform Parikrama. Parikrama on this very day holds special significance and bears maximum fruits. 

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Gujarati New Year On Govardhan Puja 2021: Tithi & Significance

People of Gujarat also celebrate their separate new year, which commences from Pratipada Tithi during Shukla Paksha in Kartik month. This new year basically begins on the day of Annakoot Puja. So, the Gujarati new year is going to begin on November 05, 2021, Friday. On this very day, the people of Gujarat worship Maa Lakshmi which is also known as Chopra Pujan in many parts of Gujarat.  

Gujarati New Year: November 05, 2021, i.e. Friday

Beginning of Pratipada Tithi: November 04, 201 at 02: 44 AM

End of Pratipada Tithi: November 05, 201 at 11 hours 14 Minutes

Significance of Gujarati New Year and How It Is Celebrated

Gujarati New Year is one of the biggest festivals for the people of Gujarat. On this very day, Gujaratis wear new clothes, worship in temples, express joy and happiness by meeting their friends and relatives, etc. Like Diwali, houses are decorated on this very day and firecrackers are burst. Besides this, sweets are prepared at home and all the family members enjoy together and celebrate this day with great pomp and show.   

Diwali is the last day of the year for Gujaratis and the new year starts from the very next day. As per the Hindu Panchang, Pratipada Tithi of Kartik month during Shukla Paksha is the representative of Gujarati New Year. Over and above, the Kartik month is the first month of the year in Gujarat and this day is also the new year day for them. This is the very reason this day is celebrated as the beginning of the new financial year.      

Celebrations on Govardhan Puja

On the occasion of Govardhan Puja, religious ceremonies and Annakoot, i.e. Bhandaras are organised. After the worship on this day, food is distributed in the form of Prasad. 

Annakoot on Govardhan Puja

Annakoot means different types of cooked food, which is offered to Lord Krishna as Bhog. At many places, Puri and Bajra Kitchdi are prepared. Apart from Annakoot, sweets made up of milk are offered to Lord Krishna and after the worship, it is distributed among people as Prasad.   

Perform Govardhan Puja for Getting Blessed with a Child

Govardhan Puja serves a special purpose for being blessed with children. In this regard, if you wish to worship Govardhan for being blessed with children, then prepare Panchamrit which comprises milk, curd, sugar, honey, and ghee. Then, add Ganagajal and Tulsi to it. Now, take the conch, fill the Panchamrit, offer the same to Lord Krishna. After the worship, distribute Panchamrit among family members and do take it yourself. It is also believed that by doing so, one is blessed with a child.         

Govardhan Puja For Financial Stability

Those who have to perform Govardhan Puja for peace, prosperity, and financial stability, are advised to give a bath to a cow and put Tilak on its head. In short, the cow is to be revered for attaining God’s blessings. After this, feed the cow with fodder and perform Parikrama i.e. revolve around it seven times. Keep with you a small glass bottle filled with the mud of the cow’s hoof. 

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