Maa Santoshi’s Vrat Katha During Friday Fast Can Solve your Life Problems!

It’s Friday today and according to Hindu beliefs and traditions, this day is considered to be dedicated to Maa Lakshmi, as the Friday Fast is kept on this day. It is believed that any individual who fasts or worships Maa Santoshi on Friday stays blessed with the blessings of Maa Lakshmi and Maa Santoshi all throughout his/her life. Also, there is never any financial crisis in the life of such individuals. On Friday, it is only Goddess Lakshmi but Goddess Santoshi (Maa Santoshi) is worshipped, and there is a tradition of listening to the Vrat Katha of Santoshi Maa’s Fast(Santoshi Mata Katha). Maa Santoshi fulfills the wishes of her devotees when pleased.

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Friday Fast Vidhi (Shukrawar Vrat Vidhi)

The rituals of Friday fast are quite effective and easy at the same time. On this day one should wake up early in the morning and take a bath and wear clean clothes. After this, Mata Santoshi should be worshiped in the evening. While worshipping, Santoshi Mata Vrat Katha sd and recited to others. After reading the fast story, perform the Aarti of Mata Santoshi and then pray for your wish fulfillment. Offer prasad to every human being involved in this Puja.

With the help of these rituals, whoever fasts and worships Mother Santoshi on Friday gets the blessings of the Goddess. 

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Friday Fast Benefits (Benefits of Maa Santoshi Vrat)

Some of the benefits of the Friday fast are :- 

  • Those who fast on Fridays get salvation from all kinds of marriage related problems.
  • Santoshi Mata Vrat is considered very auspicious for success in life. If the students fast on Friday, they will definitely get success in any examination they appear for.
  • Apart from this, if a person is fighting any judicial battle, then he/she should also fast on Friday. By doing this, such an individual can win the battle.
  • Apart from this, in order to bring betterment in business or job, Friday fast is considered very effective.
  • It is advisable to observe Friday fast for happiness and prosperity in life. Whoever observes Friday with true devotion, happiness, prosperity remains in his life.
  • The fast of Maa Santoshi is considered to be very special for the attainment of a child. On Friday, unmarried girls can also get a desirable groom by fasting.
  • Apart from this, since Friday is related to Maa Lakshmi, one faces no financial crisis if a fast is observed on this day. 

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Friday Remedies for a Strong Economic Life

  • Visit the temple of Maa Lakshmi on Friday and offer her red colored clothes. In addition to this, you can also offer make-up items to Maa Lakshmi. It is said that by doing this, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi get showered upon the natives.  
  • On Friday, eulogize Maa Lakshmi with five red colored flowers in your hand. After this, bow in front of the Goddess with folded hands and pray to the Goddess to keep blessing your household. Always, keep these flowers in your locker. Apart from this, reciting the Sri Lakshmi Narayan stuti on Friday also proves to be  very effective. 
  • On Friday, keep one and a quarter kg of rice in a red colored cloth. Keep in mind that not a single grain of rice should be broken. Now, convert this into a bundle of rice and take this bundle in your hand and chant the rosary of  ‘Mahalakshmi Namah’ five times and after that keep this bundle in a place where you keep money or in your wallet. People who do this create strong chances to acquire wealth in their lives.
  • Apart from this, the simplest solution you can do is to wear red colored clothes to obtain or receive the blessings of Maa Lakshmi in your life on Friday.

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Things to Avoid on a Friday

Now we know about those things which a person should not do even on Friday. Let us now know which things are those. 

  • Avoid borrowing or taking loans on Fridays. Also, do not give loans to anyone on this day. Otherwise, you may face the wrath of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Do not mistakenly insult any woman, girl or any other female member in the house, especially on Friday.
  • Stay away from excessively rich food on Friday.
  • On this day, do not consume meat and alcohol.
  • Do not donate sugar to anyone on Friday. In the world of astrology, sugar has been associated with both Venus and the Moon. In such a situation, Venus’ position becomes weak because of this. On Friday, avoid speaking loud or ill to anyone. Otherwise, Goddess Mahalakshmi gets angry and people start falling sick and face losses in business and job.
  • Do not leave dirty and unwashed utensils in the kitchen during the night. It is believed that mother Lakshmi becomes displeased because of this.

Santoshi Mata Vrat Katha

On a Friday fast, Santoshi Mata Vrat Katha must be read and recited to others during Santoshi Mata Puja. 

In the ancient times there used to be an old lady who had seven sons. Six of these seven sons earned money and there was only one who was jobless. The old lady used to feed delicious food to her six sons but only served the leftovers to the seventh son. However, the seventh son was a very pure hearted person. But never would he hold grudges against anyone. 

On such a festive day, the old lady made a variety of dishes and started walking towards her sons. Then the seventh son pretended to be beheaded and took a very thin cloth and lay on the bed lying nearby. He saw that, when his six brothers came, his mother made everyone sit comfortably in the house and served them a variety of dishes. When all of them ate the food, the old lady made a ladoo (sweet) after gathering the leftover from everyone’s plate and said to the seventh boy, ‘Now you also eat the food. To this he replied, “I will not have the food mother, I am going to a foreign country.” Saying this, he left the house. The boy walked away and reached a merchant’s shop and asked for a job. The boy started working from 7 am to 12 am. On seeing this, the shop owner made him the owner of half of his profits and in a few years that boy became a well-known merchant. 

There on the other side, there was a man whose wife started torturing his daughters. They used to send him to pick up wood in the forest every day and used to save some food. One day she was going to collect wood in the forest, then he saw some women fasting on the way. There, he enquired about the fast. So in response, a woman said that it is Maa Santoshi’s fast and one gets great results because of this.

Then he asked for the fast rituals, while going home, he sold all the wood and bought jaggery and gram. He prepared for the fast and observed it for Santoshi Mata (Santoshi Mata), under the influence of Maa Santoshi Vrat, her husband’s letter came on the following Friday and received the money sent by her husband on the following Friday.

Then his wife went to Mata Santoshi’s temple, wept and prayed that I want my husband. Here, mother Santoshi came in her husband’s dream and said to him, “Now you should go home to meet your wife. After this dream, her husband completed all his work and left for home. When the husband of the woman returned home, the wife said that I have to promote the fast of Santoshi Maa. 

However, the women of the neighborhood were jealous of him. In such a situation, he deceitfully taught his children that, while eating food, ask the daughter-in-law to use sour things while cooking. In such a situation, the daughter-in-law tried to entertain the children by paying money. Mata Santoshi was very angry when the children started eating. 

Then the woman went to Mata Santoshi’s temple again and asked him, why is this happening to me? Why did my husband take the king’s servants? Then Mother Santoshi told her that you used sour things during my Puja, which is forbidden, so this is why sorrows have taken over your life. Then the woman took a vow to redo the fast without any mistake. Mata Santoshi was pleased with her finally.  After 9 months, a beautiful son was born in the couple’s house and since then everyone started living happily in that household. In such a situation, there is such a belief about Maa Santoshi’s Vrat that sour things should not be touched and eaten on this Friday fast. 

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