First Monday Of Sawan 2023: Dive Into These Zodiac-Wise Remedies!

First Monday Of Sawan 2023: The month of Sawan holds great significance and people consider it a highly auspicious period for spiritual practices and devotion. During Sawan, which typically occurs between July and August, devotees actively observe various rituals, and fasts, and offer prayers to Lord Shiva. While the worship of Lord Shiva is special during the month of Shravan, people also highly regard Mondays of this month for Shiva worship.

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Moreover, one can quickly find relief from all problems by performing specific remedies during this month. If you are facing any issues in your life, actively perform remedies according to your zodiac sign on the first Monday of Sawan 2023. Let’s explore the remedies for the first Monday of Sawan 2023 based on your zodiac sign.

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On the first Monday of Shravan, individuals belonging to the Aries zodiac sign should actively light a lamp of mustard oil at the main entrance of their house in the evening. Additionally, they should place two black Gunja seeds in the lamp. This active participation will assist in resolving financial problems.


To overcome financial issues, people of the Taurus zodiac sign should visit a pond or river on the first Monday of Shravan and light a ghee lamp during the night. This action will please Goddess Lakshmi, and the blessings of Lord Shiva will always be with them.


If you are a Gemini zodiac sign individual, on the first Monday of Shravan, actively install a white sandalwood Ganesha idol at your home or workplace. Then, light a lamp in front of the idol. This active engagement will help resolve financial difficulties.

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Individuals belonging to the Cancer zodiac sign should actively hoist a triangular flag on this day. This action ensures that wealth never diminishes in their house, and new sources of prosperity will open up.


On the first Monday of Shravan, people of the Leo zodiac sign should actively perform the abhishek (ritual bath) of Lord Shiva by mixing milk, yogurt, and honey in water. This practice is believed to open the pathway to fame and prosperity in their lives.


On the first Monday of Shravan, individuals of the Virgo zodiac sign should actively tie a brown coconut around their neck and keep it in their locker. By engaging in this remedy, all their desires will begin to be fulfilled.


People of the Libra zodiac sign should actively wear a locket of crystal Shri Yantra around their neck on Shravan Monday. They may also choose to install it at home. This remedy actively helps in alleviating financial problems.

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On this day, individuals of the Scorpio zodiac sign should actively wear a fourteen-faced Rudraksha around their neck. They should also actively perform daily worship of the Shiva family. By doing so, they will continuously receive abundant blessings from Lord Shiva.


People of the Sagittarius zodiac sign should actively worship Lord Shiva on the first Monday of Shravan. Furthermore, they should actively plant a banana tree in their house on this day. This action will bring good fortune and alleviate money-related problems.

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Individuals of the Capricorn zodiac sign should actively place a white coconut in the northeast direction of their house on the first Monday of Shravan and perform daily worship. This active practice will increase happiness and prosperity within the family.


Meanwhile, people of the Aquarius zodiac sign should actively offer a Rudraksha garland to Lord Shiva and adorn Goddess Parvati with ornaments on the first Monday of Shravan. This active engagement will fulfill all their desires.


People of the Pisces zodiac sign should actively install a Parad Shivalinga in their home on this day. By doing so, they will actively eliminate financial troubles.

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