What Is So Special About The First Thursday In The Month Of Agahan?

The month of Margashirsha, according to the Hindu Panchang, is the ninth month, which is generally also known as the month of Agahan. In Hinduism, the month of Margashirsha is known to be very sacred and extremely prosperous. According to this belief, the full moon, the new moon and the first Thursday of this month have significant importance. Why is the Thursday of Margashirsha so important? You will find the answer to this question through this blog, which is expertly written by our experienced astrologers at AstroSage. 

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When Is The Month Of Agahan/Margashirsha 2022 Starting?

According to Panchang, the month of Margashirsha will start on Wednesday, 9th November 2022, and will end on Thursday, 8th December 2022. According to this, the first Thursday of Agahan will come on the 10th of November 2022. Let’s find out more about the month of Agahan. 

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Importance Of Agahan Month

According to the religious texts, the month of Margashirsha is very much loved by Lord Krishna. That is one of the reasons why this month is considered auspicious and prosperous. In Astrology there are 27 Nakshatras described and one of Nakshatras which is known as the Mrigashira Nakshatra (the 5th one out of the 27 Nakshatras) is related to the month of Agahan. The full moon occurring during this month comes in the Mrigashira Nakshatra. This is the reason why this month is also known as Margashirsha. 

This month is beloved by Lord Krishna, who is one of the divine forms of Lord Vishnu. That is why the sacredness of this month increases tenfold for especially those people who want the blessings of Lord Vishnu. 

Let’s understand how we can make Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi happy!

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These Names Of Lord Vishnu Will Make Your Every Wish Come True

The worshiping of Lord Vishnu, the world sustainer, is considered to be quite pious and sacred when done in the month of Margashirsha, especially. If you want to end all sufferings in your life, or want to attain something in your life; then repeat these 12 mentioned names of Lord Vishnu.

1} Achyut

2} Anant

3} Damodar

4} Keshav

5} Narayan

6} Shridhar

7} Govind

8} Madhav

9} Hrishikesh

10} Trivikaram

11} Padmanabha

12} Madhusudan

Recite the above-mentioned multiple names of Lord Vishnu and then offer 1 yellow flower. After completing your worship, take the said flower and put that under the Ficus Religiosa tree, most commonly known as the Peepal Tree. You can also let the flower flow in any river as well. 

How To Attain Goddess Lakshmi’s Blessings On Thursday?

  • To receive the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, light a lamp at the entrance gate of your house. Also, from the main gate to your veranda or to the place of worship; make a rangoli using rice flour. 
  • On the first Thursday in the month of Margashirsha or Agrahayana put the feet of Goddess Lakshmi on the rangolis. After doing that, decorate the worship temple or place of Goddess Lakshmi beautifully with the leaves of mango and paddy. Next, put a Kalash at the worship place and then after offering your prayers, do the prasad Bhog ritual. 
  • It is said that offering various types of prasad in the Bhog ritual to the Goddess Lakshmi, especially every Thursday in the month of Margashirsha or Agrahayana, makes the Goddess happy and her blessings always stay with the worshiper. On this pious and fortunate day, you should also distribute the prasad among your neighbors, family, and friends. 

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