Glimpse Of February 2023: Embrace Blessings Of Maa Parvati-Lord Vishnu This Month!

February 2023: We are all waiting in anticipation for the upcoming month as to what it will be like and what new prospects it will bring our way. We are eager to know whether our careers will soar high or not. Will the students get their desired results? What will business and marital relations be like? How will the love life be this month? These are some of the questions that linger in our minds. If you are one of those excited people who are waiting to know what this month is all about, then you have come to the right place. AstroSage has compiled this illustrative compendium just for you!

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With the help of this blog, you will come across all relevant details regarding fasts, festivals, and about other important occurrences. You will discover interesting details about the people who are born in the month of February. So, without further ado, let’s commence this blog, and if you are one of those people that are born this month, then do look forward to what this blog says about your personality!

This Blog Will Shed Light On These Points

  • We will tell you about the festivals and fasts that will occur this month and will make February all the more special and prosperous. 
  • Those personality characteristics that make the people born in this month different and exceptional from others. 
  • Additionally, you will also get the detailed information about the Bank’s holidays occurring in February. 
  • The knowledge of transits and eclipses will also be granted to you through this blog. 

Finally, you will understand how this month will affect each zodiac sign, whether the results will be favorable or unfavorable. So, let’s read all about it!

The Personality Traits Of People Born In February

If we talk about those people who are born in the month of February, then you must know that these people have an enigmatic and distinct kind of personality which as a consequence attracts people to them. These people are often sensitive and faint-hearted, and due to this behavior, they take even the smallest things to heart. Under such conditions, their rate of progress becomes slow. One of the best traits of people born in February is that they are extremely helpful and often remain attentive if someone wants their help. The people of February can even sacrifice their all in order to help the person who needs it and to further meet their needs. 

It is often seen that these people have a very strong power of intuition, and they like to remain aloof. One of the reasons they are perceived as enigmatic is because of this. They receive emotions in extremes, if they are happy then they will be too happy, and if sad they will be too sad and miserable. People born in February tend to make friends fast and have a long list of them. People of all ages can be found in their social circles. The career fields in which these people prosper are medicine, writing, studies, painting, health, and politics. They are attracted to these kinds of career paths. 

People taking birth in this month are highly emotional, and due to this behavioral aspect, they tend to suffer a lot in their careers. But they overcome such challenges with valor and eventually receive success in their endeavors. They approach their work with sincerity and honesty and in turn receive high appreciation and acknowledgements from their superiors as well. Sometimes these people consider ego as self-respect and this mistake can lead them to wrong decisions being taken and they might get business losses as a result. 

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We have talked about the positive traits of the people who are born in February but as we all know that there are two sides to a coin, so let’s explore the other side of these mysterious people, which will let us know about their not-so-good traits. The people born in February are determined by nature and due to this they get angry quickly. However, as soon as they get angry, the sooner they get normal, too. These people are kind and soft in mind, but appear like a conundrum, and due to that people cannot understand them easily. They trust people quickly and this habit often puts them in problematic situations. Their foundation of trust as a result gets shaken often. 

The people born in February are completely dedicated to their families, and keep in mind their needs. On their list of responsibilities, completing their familial needs comes at the top. However, if we talk about their love life then these people are never attracted to outer beauty and are drawn towards people who have innocence and clarity of mind and heart. Because of their ability to trust blindly, they often get cheated in their love life. 

Lucky Number Of People Born In February: 4, 5, 16, 90, 29

Lucky Color Of People Born In February: Baby Pink, Maroon

Lucky Days Of People Born In February: Saturday, Thursday

Lucky Stone Of People Born In February: Amethyst

February 2023: Bank Holidays

If we talk about the bank holidays including all the states then there will be a total of six bank holidays. The bank holidays occurring this month will depend on the cultures, beliefs, and rules of different states. So, let’s take a look at these below-mentioned bank holidays!

DateBank HolidayThe States That Will Follow
5th February 2023, Sunday.Hazrat Ali JayantiUttar Pradesh
5th February 2023, Sunday.Guru Ravidas JayantiPunjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh. 
15th February 2023, Wednesday.Lui Ngai NiManipur
18th February 2023, Saturday.  Maha Shivratri National Holiday ( except Delhi, Goa,  Lakshadweep, Manipur,  Meghalaya, Mizoram,  Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh,  Assam, Bihar, Sikkim,  Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal )
19th February 2023, Sunday. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj JayantiMaharashtra
20th February 2023, Monday.State DayArunachal Pradesh, Mizoram.
21st February 2023, Tuesday.LosarSikkim

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February 2023: Fasts & Festivals

1st February 2023 (Wednesday) – Jaya Ekadashi: In a year 24 Ekadashi occurs, and on this particular day, the worship of Lord Vishnu is done. Fasts are also observed. In the Sanatan Religion, the fasts kept on the day of Ekadashi are dedicated to the world sustainer Lord Vishnu. Every year Jaya Ekadashi is celebrated and it falls in the month of Magha under Shukla Paksha. This year the fast of Jaya Ekadashi will be observed on 1st February 2023, on Wednesday. It is believed that by observing this fast one gets relieved from the sin of Brahmahatya. 

2nd February 2023, (Thursday) – Pradosh Vrat (Shukla): The fast observed of Pradosh is also called Trayodashi fast. This fast is observed to attain the blessings of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. According to Hindu Panchang, this fast is principally observed every month on the Trayodashi of Shukla and Krishna Paksha. In the month of February, the fast of Pradosh will be observed on 2nd February 2023 on a Thursday. It is believed that the devotee gets blessed with longevity if they observe this fast. 

5th February 2023 (Sunday) – Magha Purnima Vrat: The full moon known as Magha Purnima has unique spiritual and religious importance in the Hindu religion. This full moon occurs in the month of Magha which is why it is known as Magha Purnima. On this day, reciting mantras, bathing, and donating is considered very auspicious. The Triveni Snan which is held in Prayagraj will commence on the full moon day of Paush month and ends on the day of Magha Purnima. If a worshiper takes a bath in the holy Ganga river on this auspicious day, all of their desires and wishes come true.

9th February 2023 (Thursday) – Sankashti Chaturthi: The fast of Sankashti Chaturthi coming in the month of February is one of the most popular fasts observed in Hinduism. It is dedicated to Lord Ganesh, and by observing a fast on this pious day, worshipers get the good graces of Lord Ganesha, who removes all the obstacles coming in the lives of his devotees. The worshippers observe this fast to attain the graceful blessings of Lord Ganesha. On this day, worshiping with rituals proves to be fruitful. 

13th February 2023 (Monday) – Kumbha Sankranti: There are twelve Sankranti days observed annually. The day is known as Sankranti because it is when the Sun transits through each zodiac sign. Every Sankranti, then, has its unique importance as the Sun passes through each zodiac sign, and Kumbha Sankranti occurs when the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

16th February 2023 (Thursday) – Vijaya Ekadashi: Vijaya Ekadashi is considered quite important out of all the 24 Ekadashis that occur annually. The worshiper who observes the fast of Vijaya Ekadashi gets success and becomes victorious in all kinds of works. In Padma Purana, it is mentioned that the one who observes the fast of Vijaya Ekadashi, their fathers, and forefathers get to heaven.  

18th February 2023 (Saturday) – Mahashivratri: In the Hindu Religion, Mahashivratri is considered to be one of the most auspicious festivals. It is celebrated all over the country with great elation and joy. This festival is celebrated in North and South India on different dates. The devoted Lord Shiva worshipers visit his temple in great numbers on this day. On the day of Mahashivratri, followers offer Belpatra, water, milk, and Samagri to shivling. 

20th February 2023 (Monday) – Phalguna Amavasya: Observing the fast of Phalguna Amavasya proves to be fruitful to those people who desire peace, prosperity, and luck in their lives. This new moon falls every year in the month of Phalguna under Krishna Paksha and hence it is called Phalguna Amavasya. This day is considered important for giving peace to the ancestors. 

27th February 2023 (Monday)- Holashtak: The eight days before Holikadahan are known as Holashtak, and they are considered to be very auspicious. Doing any kind of pious work is prohibited during this time. 

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Other Important Dates Of February

14th February (Tuesday): Valentine’s Day

15th February (Wednesday): Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti 

Eclipse & Transits In February

If we take a look at the eclipse, then there are no eclipses occurring in this month and if we talk about transits then there will be 3 transits of large planets and one planet will combust. So, let’s check the below-mentioned details:

7th February 2023 – Mercury transit in Capricorn: The harbinger of speech and intellect the planet Mercury will transit into the zodiac sign of Saturn, which is Capricorn on 7th February 2023, at 07:11am. 

13th February 2023 – Sun transit in Aquarius: The king of the nine planets, the planet Sun will transit into the Saturn-ruled zodiac sign of restriction, Aquarius from Capricorn on 13th February 2023, at 09:21 am. 

15th February 2023 – Venus transit in Pisces: The planet of love and material pleasure, Venus, will transit into Jupiter-ruled intuitive zodiac sign of Pisces. This will be the third transit of this month, and will happen on 15th February 2023, at 07:43 pm. 

27th February 2023 – Mercury transit in Aquarius: After Venus transit, the planet Mercury will once again transit into another zodiac sign which is going to be the zodiac sign of Aquarius, on 27th February 2023, at 04:33 pm. 

28th February 2023 – Mercury combust in Aquarius: At the end of this month, Mercury will once again change its position and will combust in Aquarius on 28th February 2023, at 08:03 am. 

February 2023: Monthly Forecast For All Zodiacs 


  • For the natives of Aries, this month will bring favorable outcomes. The natives will be able to flourish with hard work in their workplace; they will make a distinct mark for themselves as well. 
  • The student natives will attain good marks, as Mercury will be placed in their eleventh house. The students who are sitting in competitive examinations will also thrive in this period as well. 
  • During this month, the relations between family members will be peaceful. There will be unity and mutual understanding. 
  • If we talk about the love life of the natives of Aries, then in the month of February they can make plans in order to get married. 
  • These brave natives will come across new means of financial prosperity and their expenses will also rise during this month. 

Remedy: Recite this Mantra 27 times daily: oṃ bhūmi putrāya namaḥ


  • In the month of February, the Taurus natives might come across some problems relating to their families. As a result, the family environment may get filled with tension. 
  • In terms of careers, these natives will have a good time, and they will also come across job opportunities as well. 
  • If we talk about their health, then these natives might have to stay vigilant regarding that as they might come across the problem of a burning sensation in their eyes. 
  • These driven natives might also face financial difficulties and their expenses may increase as well. 
  • This month will shower positivity in the love life and married life of Taurus natives. 

Remedy: Light an oil lamp on Tuesday in front of Goddess Durga. 


  • For Gemini natives in terms of career, this month will bring progress and promotion. 
  • The business natives might come across both gains and losses this month. 
  • There will be good chances in February for those students who want to go abroad and study. 
  • The familial life of Gemini natives will be filled with happiness, and harmony in February. 
  • Plan accordingly, and well, as the expenses may rise this month. 

Remedy: Recite daily Vishnu Sahasranama. 


  • The Cancer natives might face variations in health this month, so they must stay careful and vigilant. 
  • At the end of this month, these natives will face improvement in their financial condition, and chances of profit will also be created. 
  • During this time, you may get into a quarrel with your partner, and your understanding with each other might also be low. 
  • In terms of career, the Cancer natives may stay behind in their work in the month of February.  

Remedy: Recite this Mantra 21 times daily: oṃ somāya namaḥ


  • The Leo natives might come across problems this month. This month might not be that favorable for students as they might get distracted from their studies. 
  • These natives may face a situation of quarrel with their partner, so keep watch on your words. 
  • The expenses will rise, and in such conditions saving your money might get difficult. 
  • During this month, the natives might come across health issues like indigestion, stomach ache, sleep deprivation, and eye infection. 

Remedy: Every morning, worship the Sun. 


  • In terms of career, the Virgo natives will perform well, and the time will be favorable and progressive for you. 
  • The Virgo students might get distracted from their studies and as a result they will face problems. 
  • The familial lives of Virgo natives this month will be mixed. In their love relationships they will face harmony and sweetness. The finances of these natives will remain prosperous during this month. 

Remedy: On Tuesday recite Durga Chalisa.


  • In terms of career, the Libra natives will come across both negative and positive outcomes. 
  • The business natives during this time might face challenges as well. This month the Libra natives will be a little weak financially and it is also possible that they might even have to take a loan. 
  • Health-wise these native must stay vigilant as they might face issues such as eye-burning sensation, and headache as well. 

Remedy: Recite this Mantra 41 times daily: oṃ ketave namaḥ:


  • In terms of career, the Scorpio natives may face both kinds of outcomes. This month will be favorable for students who are preparing for competitive examinations. 
  • Time will be good for those natives who are thinking about getting married this month. 
  • Scorpio natives will gain good benefits, but their expenses during this month may increase as well. 
  • This period will be good in terms of health, but minor issues might come their way. 

Remedy: Perform Yajna/Havan for Ketu on Tuesday. 


  • The month of February will bring great results for the natives of Sagittarius, in regards to their careers. 
  • The student natives will attain good marks in their studies as well. The familial life will be good, as there will be mutual understanding and harmony among members. 
  • During this period, the natives will accumulate great financial gains.  

Remedy: Put a Tilak of Saffron (Kesar) on your forehead, daily. 


  • In terms of career, the natives of Capricorn might face the burden of work. The natives will gain financially but expenses might rise as well. 
  • Health of Capricorn natives will be good this month, and no big health issue will come your way. 
  • There are chances that these natives might get into a quarrel with their life partners.  

Remedy: Recite this Mantra 108 times daily: oṃ mandāya namaḥ:


  • The natives of Aquarius may face a challenging time this month, so, it will be better to exercise caution and deliberation. 
  • The students’ natives might face variations as they may get distracted during this period. 
  • The love life of these natives might be filled with unrest, and the lives of married natives could face challenges as well. 
  • In terms of finances, the month of February will bring good prospects. During this month these natives might go through backache and mental stress. 

Remedy: Recite Shani Chalisa every Saturday. 


  • In terms of career, these natives might come across challenges in their workspace. Work burden could also be upon these natives. 
  • The atmosphere of family might be filled with disputes and differences. The natives must be careful in their relationships from the second half of February. 
  • The natives of Pisces could see their expenses being out of control, and most of their expenses might be family-related. 
  • Due to weak immunity, the natives of Pisces might have to come across various types of illnesses. 

Remedy: On Saturday light an oil lamp for Saturn. 

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We truly hope that February brings prosperity and progress to you all; our sincere thanks for visiting AstroSage!


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