Phalgun Month 2023: Malviya Yoga In Phalgun Month; These Remedies Will Give Magnificent Outcomes!

Phalgun, the month of joy and gaiety, begins on February 6, 2023 and will last until March 7, 2023. It is the last month of the year according to the Hindu calendar. After this Chaitra month begins. Summer begins in the month of Phalgun. This month is named Phalgun because the full Moon date, Phalgun Purnima, falls on Phalguni Nakshatra. 

Today, in this blog, we will go over everything fascinating about Phalgun month, such as which fasts and celebrations will take place throughout this month. What actions should be taken this month? What is the religious significance of this month? And what should people do and what should they avoid doing throughout this month? This unique AstroSage blog is full of interesting information, so be sure to read it till the end.

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Phalgun Month Significance 

The significance of Phalgun month grows in Hinduism since it is associated with Shri Hari, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva. Mahashivaratri is celebrated on the Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha in this month. On the other hand, on the Ekadashi day of Shukla Paksha, the fast of Amalaki Ekadashi, a festival associated with Lord Vishnu, is observed. By worshiping according to the laws and regulations, worshippers receive the blessings of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu during this month.   

Prominent Fast And Festivals In Phalgun Month 

Many prominent Hindu fasts and festivals will take place during Phalgun month, which runs from February 6 to March 7, 2023, as follows:

DateFast And Festivals
9 February, Thursday Sankashati Chaturthi 
13 February, MondayKumbh Sankranti 
16 February, Thursday Vijaya Ekadashi 
18 February, SaturdayMahashivratri , Pradosh Vrat (Krishna), Masik Shivratri 
20 February, MondayPhalguna Amavasya 
03 March, FridayAmalaki Ekadashi 
04 March, SaturdayPradosh Vrat (Shukla)
07 March, TuesdayHolika Dahan, Phalgun Purnima Vrat 

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Significance Of Krishna Worship In Phalgun Month 

Devotion to Krishna, according to religious beliefs, has special significance in the month of Falgun. It is claimed that whoever worships the three incarnations of Lord Krishna, namely Child Krishna, Young Krishna, and Guru Krishna, with a pure heart this month will have all his wishes granted. Those who wish for the happiness of children should worship Bal Gopal. Natives who are married should worship Lord Krishna in the form of young Krishna. Those who worship Guru Krishna in accordance with the laws and regulations receive salvation and peace. 

Significance Of Donation In Phalgun Month 

We are all aware of the significance of donation in Hinduism. Donating various items each month is deemed beneficial. Similarly, it is best to donate something special during the month of Phalgun. Donating Ghee, sesame, mustard oil, seasonal fruits, and so on during this month is regarded most auspicious and fruitful, according to the scriptures. As a result, according to your faith and abilities, do donate these items to the poor and destitute. It is believed that by providing these items throughout this month, endless virtuous fruits will be gained. Aside from that, remember to perform Tarpan for the ancestors.

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Things To Be Noted During Phalgun Month  

  • This month, bathe in cold or normal water.
  • Eat more fruits.
  • Reduce your grain consumption.
  • Dress colorfully and attractively.
  • Make use of fragrances, for example. It will be even better if sandalwood fragrance is used.
  • Every day, worship Lord Krishna and offer him flowers.
  • Consume no intoxicants or meat-alcohol, etc.

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Special Remedies On Phalgun Month

  • If you are easily irritated and agitated, worship Lord Krishna during this month and offer him Abir/Gulal.
  • If you suffer from depression, take a daily bath with scented water and wear sandalwood scented perfume.
  • If you are prone to illness, worship Lord Shiva regularly throughout the month of Phalgun and offer him white sandalwood.
  • If you are facing financial difficulties, worship Goddess Lakshmi throughout the month and offer her rose flowers or rose scent.

Remedies To Strengthen The Moon In Your Horoscope In Phalgun Month 

It is a Hindu belief that the Moon, or Chandra Dev, was born in the month of Phalgun. In such a case, adopting some specific actions during this month strengthens the Moon’s position in the horoscope. These are as follows:

  • If the Moon is weak in your horoscope or you are experiencing issues as a result of a weak Moon, donate white items during the month of Phalgun. White flowers, curd, white conch shell, sugar, rice, white sandalwood, white clothes, and other items can be donated. By doing so, the moon will be powerful in your horoscope and you will have favorable outcomes.
  • On the full Moon of the Phalgun month, you must pay a visit to Chandra Dev temple. After that, sit in the light of the Moon and clearly recite Chandra Dev’s Mantras. This practice will help you to strengthen the  position of the Moon in the horoscope..
  • Aside from that, presenting water to the Shivling every day during the month of Phalgun increases the Moon’s position.
  • To receive the finest benefits from the Moon, worship Lord Shiva and fast every Monday during the month of Phalgun. This will bring you mental calm while also controlling your wrath.

Phalgun Month 2023: Remedies According To Zodiac Signs


  • Every day, drink water with sugar before leaving the house.
  • Every day, serve your mother and seek her blessings.
  • Donate red or ruby-colored clothing to the needy.


  • Every day, light a Ghee lamp in the north-east corner of the house.
  • Every day, recite the Kanakdhara Stotra.


  • Donate curd, milk, or sugar to the poor or to the temple.
  • Every day, offer water to Shivling.
  • During the Phalgun month, avoid drinking milk at night.


  • Chant the Moon God Mantras 108 times while sitting in the moonlight.
  • Donate milk and curd.
  • Everyday, worship Lord Shiva.


  • Offer water to the Sun God by adding jaggery in it.
  • Every day, worship Goddess Lakshmi.


  • Feed green leafy vegetables to the Cow.
  • Every day, worship Maa Lakshmi and offer her red flowers.


  • Wear white clothes.
  • On a daily basis, worship Lord Shiva.
  • Perform the Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva.


  • Offer water to the Moon by adding two spoons of raw milk in it.
  • Chant the Chandra Dev Mantras.
  • Worship Lord Shiva.


  • Tulsi should be worshiped every day, and a Ghee lamp should be lit in the north-east corner of the house.
  • Donate Ghee, white sandalwood, and milk.


  • Take care of your mother and fulfill her wishes.
  • Worship Mata Lakshmi sincerely by offering red flowers.
  • Mix raw milk in water and offer it to the Moon.


  • Every day, worship Lord Shiva and offer water to the Shivling.
  • Donate black clothes to the poor.


  • Donate white sandalwood, Ghee, mailk, curd etc to the poor or to the temple.
  • Every day, chant Vishnu Sahasranama.
  • Every day, apply a saffron Tilak on your forehead.
  • Drink water from a silver glass.

Formation Of Malviya Yoga In Phalgun Month

Malviya Yoga is associated with the planet Venus in Vedic astrology. Venus will transit from Aquarius to its exalted sign of Pisces on February 15, 2023. Malviya Raja Yoga will form as Venus enters Pisces. Malviya Yoga is considered particularly auspicious in astrology because it is one of the five Mahapurush Yogas.

Now, which zodiac signs are most likely to profit greatly from the formation of this Yoga?

This Yoga was developed in Pisces, Jupiter’s sign, therefore Pisceans will get numerous benefits from it, such as career advancement. Aside from that, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius will see many beneficial outcomes.

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