Dhruv Astro Software Introduces Latest Features & New Modules

Dhruv Astro Software, the brainchild of AstroSage, has been crowned as the “perfect gift” for astrologers. This tool is said to be the perfect blend of ancient Astrology systems like KP, Tajik, Lal Kitab, Stellar, Numerology etc. and latest technology and known to enlighten the minds with its top-notch features.

Get Dhruv Astro Software: Perfect Blend Of Astrology & Technology

AstroSage Dhruv Astro Software bridges the gap between astrologers and their clients with a personalised touch, and possesses a principled acumen. From professional astrologers, to budding students and teachers, this tool is known to be an impeccable example of perfect. Unlimited storage, data security, personalised branding, attractive discounts and numerous technical specifications are some of the features that have helped this tool shine bright.

This time, AstroSage has introduced new upgrades in Dhruv Astro Software, which will prove to be majorly beneficial for both users and astrologers. Let us go ahead and unveil what’s new on the block!

Dhruv Astro Software: What’s New For Astrologers?

Below we have mentioned some latest features introduced by AstroSage that has helped smoothen the user experience and acquired great feedback:

Book/Schedule An Appointment Instantly!

Dhruv Astro Software provides professional or budding astrologers with “Office Management Facility” feature, where astrologers or their assistants keep a track of their new or upcoming appointments. With this “New Appointment” option, the details of the clients can be filled along with additional notes. 

NOTE: After the appointments have been confirmed, the users are notified via email or SMS. This helps both the users and astrologers stay updated with the upcoming session.

Tracking Scheduled Appointments & Direct Access To Kundli Details

Astrologers can now check their listed appointments and keep a track of their upcoming astro-sessions with the clients. After the booking is done, they get direct access to their kundli, planetary charts and other details. This feature lends a helping hand to the astrologers, and makes it easy for them to access the charts without manually filling the details themselves. Adding to it, they can update an appointment as per their availability and manage them accordingly.

“Module Selection” in Print Kundli Option

One of the latest features in Dhruv Astro Software is “Module Selection” when it comes to printing the kundli. In this, professional astrologers have the option of printing a pre-defined kundli as per the module. After they have selected a specific module mentioned above, they get basic details of elements and aspects so included in the printed format.

Key Features

    • Personalized Branding on Printed Kundli: Creating a personalised brand becomes easy with Dhruv Astro Software. Now you can add your own name, address, and contact details at the bottom of the printed kundli to create brand awareness.
    • 200+ Colored Kundli: You get a detailed, colorful and comprehensive kundli comprising innumerable elements of astrology such as KP, Nakshatra Nadi, Stellar, Horary, Numerology, Lal Kitab, Teva etc.
    • Unlimited Data Storage: Gone are those days when you would see “Cloud Storage Full” pop up, since Dhruv Astro Software offers unlimited storage in regards to kundlis, worksheets and notes.
    • Top-Rated Data Security: Your kundlis, data, worksheets, notes and much more remain tightly secured under our supervision even after system malfunction or breakdown.
    • Automatic DST Correction: This software is equipped with an accurate Daylight Saving Time correction system when it comes to generating charts.
    • Huge Geographical Database: Details about Latitude/Longitudes all around the globe are easily accessible.
    • Ads Free Experience: Switching to Dhruv Astro Software helps you experience a smooth flow since there aren’t any ads or pop-ups to break your focus!
    • Attractive Offers & Pan India Shipping: You get best deals and discounts on astrology services and Free Pan-India shipping on products.
    • Easy Access From Any Device: This tool can be easily as well as quickly installed on iPhone, Android, Windows.

Salient Modules For Astrologers

  • Multiple Birth Chart Styles: North, South or East Indian style birth charts can be casted without any delay!
  • Tajik Varshphal: Now you can create annual charts based on effective Mudda Dasha and annual planetary positions
  • KP/Stellar/Nakshatra Nadi: Get accurate predictions based on different systems of Astrology.
  • Lal Kitab, Teva and Debts: Lal Kitab remedies, what kind of Lal Kitab Debt you are undergoing and how to overcome it- all at one place!
  • Prashna Kundli/Horary Charts: You don’t have to worry about getting life predictions even if you are not aware of your accurate birth details.
  • Numerology based Predictions: Know how your Destiny Number is opening new doors for you in the upcoming future!
  • Panchang & Ephemeris: Get life predictions based on Tithi, Vaar, Karana, Nakshatra and Yoga.

Known to be the world’s number one online astrology portal, AstroSage has left no stones unturned to provide its users with an astrological insight combined with a perfect touch of technology. 

Upgrade to Dhruv Astro Software: Most Advanced Astrology Software

Its latest additions and all-inclusive features make this tool one of its kind. What are you waiting for? Upgrade to Dhruv Astro Software now and enjoy all the benefits!


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