Devshayani Ekadashi: Know Significance, Rituals & Associated Legends!

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You can also get your personalised AstroSage Brihat Kundli and find out how these upcoming planetary events, festivals and other celestial movements can impact your upcoming future and various other aspects of your life. Now let us read about Devshayani Ekadashi.

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Every month, there are two Ekadashi, out of which the first Ekadashi falls during the Shukla Paksha and the second during the Krishna Paksha. The day of Ekadashi is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Ekadashi falling during the Shukla Paksha in the month of Ashada is called Devshayani Ekadashi.

Devshayani Ekadashi is also known by the names of Ashadhi Ekadashi, Harishayani Ekadashi and Padmanabha Ekadashi. Devshayani Ekadashi falls either in the month of June or July according to the English Calendar. It is believed that this is the time when Lord Vishnu goes into a deep sleep for four months in Kshirsagar. This is why it is also known as Harishayani Ekadashi. Chaturmas also begins from this day.

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Devshayani Ekadashi Muhurat in 2021 

This year, Devshayani Ekadashi will be celebrated on 20 July 2021, i.e. Tuesday.

Ashadhi Ekadashi Parana Time: From 05:35:57 to 08:20:29 on 21st, July
Duration: 2 Hours 44 Mins

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Devshayani Ekadashi Puja Rituals

It is believed that from the day of Devshayani Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu goes to deep, nocturnal sleep for four months. In such a situation, certain rituals are said to be followed before Lord Vishnu goes into sleep. On this day, devotees observe a fast for him.

  • Devotees who observe the fast for Devshayani Ekadashi should wake up early in the morning, bathe and wear clean clothes.
  • After this, clean the place of worship, place the idol or picture of Lord Vishnu and then perform the worship through the Shodashopachara method.
  • Offer yellow clothes, yellow flowers, yellow offerings, yellow sandalwood, etc. to Lord Vishnu.

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  • Offer betel nuts, etc. to Lord Vishnu and then burn incense sticks and lamps.
  • While venerating Lord Vishnu, you must chant the Mantra:

    ‘सुप्ते त्वयि जगन्नाथ जमत्सुप्तं भवेदिदम्। विबुद्धे त्वयि बुद्धं च जगत्सर्व चराचरम्।

    supte tvayi jagannātha jamatsuptaṃ bhavedidam। vibuddhe tvayi buddhaṃ ca jagatsarva carācaram।।”
  • After this, feed the Brahmins and the needy, give them donations and only then eat something after that. However, since it is mandatory to practice social distancing during this time, you can take out a portion for them in their name and drop it off at the temple while following the safety guidelines.
  • On this day, people wake up in the night and worship Lord Vishnu in several places. 

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Importance of Devshayani or Ashadhi Ekadashi

From the day of Ashadhi Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu goes into deep sleep for four months. This day is also considered as the beginning of the Chaumas. Due to Lord Vishnu being asleep, auspicious or religious activities such as marriage or Yagna are forbidden to carry out. Ascetics who visit places to perform meditation and austerity too refrain from carrying out such acts. 

It is believed that during these four months, Braj becomes the main pilgrimage habitat, due to which Ascetics can only visit Braj if they want during this time. After four months when Lord Vishnu wakes up from his deep sleep,  that day is celebrated with fervour and is known as Prabodhini Ekadashi or Dev Uthani Ekadashi.

Things To Avoid During Chaturmas

During the period of Chaturmas, carrying out some acts is considered forbidden. Below we have provided you with a quick list of things you must avoid:

  • If you want to make your voice heard amongst everyone, then avoid eating jaggery.
  • If you wish to be blessed with a son, you are required to give up oil. 
  • It would be very good for you to avoid sleeping on a bed.
  •  Do not consume honey, radish, brinjal, and Parwal, etc. during this time.
  • If someone else offers you Dai-Bhat or a dish consisting of only yogurt and rice, do not eat it.
  • Apart from this, if you wish to have a prosperous and fruitful family chain, then consume milk on a regular basis.

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Ashadhi Ekadashi: Mythological Significance

According to the legend associated with Ashadhi Ekadashi, also known as Devshayani Ekadashi, it is narrated that “There used to be a king named Mandhata a long time ago. Since the King was noble-hearted and virtuous, his subjects remain always happy and prosperous. But one time, no rainfall occurred for three straight years, which led to a state of famine. His subjects who were happy and content were living in disappointment. 

Seeing the condition of his subjects, the King thought that it would be appropriate to go to the forest to find a way to get his subjects out of this misery. On his way to the forest, the King reached the ashram of the Sage Angira. The Sage asked the King the reason for his troubles to which he replied by expressing his grief in one go. The Sage then advised the King to observe the fast of Ashadhi Ekadashi.

Having obeyed the Sage, the King returned to his kingdom and advised his subjects to devote themselves by observing this fast. The impact of fasting and worshipping was such that it rained once again, which made the entire state financially prosperous. It is believed that by doing this fast dedicated to Lord Vishnu, all the wishes of the native are fulfilled.

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