Christmas 2018: Know Interesting Facts About Christmas

India is known worldwide for being a habitat for diverse cultures. Several festivals are celebrated here, each with same enthusiasm and fervor. Christmas is one such festival which is although a Christian festival but celebrated by all. It is the holy day of the birth of Jesus Christ. Just like we get to see an exhibition of portraits and idols of Lord Krishna on Janmashtami, the same is done for Jesus Christ on the day of Christmas. Churches are decorated beautifully and people even create a similar atmosphere at their homes. Children, particularly, are very excited on the day of Christmas as it is linked with Santa Claus. They decorate a Christmas tree and put lots of chocolates and gifts under it. If you utilize the opportunity to decorate a Christmas tree that would solve the Vastu Dosha in your house, will not that be amazing? Yes, a Christmas tree can help you bring happiness and success to your home.

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Significance of Christmas Tree

Choose a tree, at first. You have an option to take a real tree or an artificial one. The real one is considered more auspicious. Douglas, Fur, Balsam etc. are such trees which you can use for Christmas. Putting this inside the house eliminates negative energies. The height of the plant must be chosen carefully. A tree too tall or too short won’t give desired results. South-east direction of the house is perfect to place this tree. Christmas tree has the capacity to fill your house with positivity and happiness. Just make sure that you remove the dead leaves from the tree.

Tips to Follow When Decorating Christmas Tree

The colors and shapes of the decorative objects to be used on a Christmas tree must be chosen with great care. Each color and shape is responsible for something. It can influence your prosperity as well as life. Red is the color that depicts fire, passion and love. When any red-colored triangle-shaped object is used, it increases the fire element of the house. Too much of it can create conflicts and give rise to aggression. When the same color is used in a balanced manner when decorating, it increases the feelings of love and compassion.

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Astrological Significance of Colors Used in a Christmas Tree

The white colour used in Christmas tree along with round objects signify water element. Water is essential to life, but the same can sink your ship. Anything in excess is harmful. If you overuse white colour and round shape, your emotional life can get disturbed. As the combination is for emotions and sensitivity, it promotes the feeling of relaxation and calmness when used appropriately.

Blue color and square shape represents Earth element. The Earth gives us stability but when it overpowers, can stop growth and change. An individual’s ability to perform can be reduced and he may turn stubborn and lazy.

The color yellow and dome-shaped objects for decoration represents the sky element. Just like having a ground is essential to fly, having balance in this element is essential too. A person with a balanced sky element will never be selfish or unfair. While if used in excess, the same can take you away from the worldly affairs. Reclusion is a by-product of the same element.

Green color represents happiness, growth and fertility. If this color is used less, it prevents the brain to grow adequately. The stars used are for bringing balance to one’s life. The sign denotes energy and balance.

Avoid using too many decorative items on the Christmas tree, as anything that’s overdone will only hamper the balance, and your life in turn.

On Christmas, try to clean your heart and soul as well. Decorate yourself with good values and inculcate the same in children. Share happiness and gifts. Do something for someone who silently expects but never speaks. Christmas is for all, and so must be happiness.

AstroSage wishes you all a Merry Christmas!

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