Children’s Day 2021: These Planetary Conjunctions Will Change Your Fate, Know Best Career Options As Per Your Zodiac Sign

This blog by AstroSage on Children’s Day 2021 will provide the readers with information related to November 14, 2021, along with the history, Hindu Panchang, celebration of Children’s Day, and much more. Read the blog further to find out more!

Every child of the nation is special and the progress of the country depends on the success and progress of the children. Therefore, it is important to bring out the skills of the children to help build a better nation. Many times, kids are unaware of their talent and lose their potential. If you want accurate knowledge about your child’s career or want to know which field will be most suited for them, then the Career Counselling Report by AstroSage might help you.

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Children’s day is dedicated to the children, so let’s talk about them and their careers through this blog. The education of Children has been badly affected in the past one and a half years due to the Corona Virus, but we all are slowly getting back on track. Therefore, now we cannot ignore the future of our kids anymore, at any cost. If you are also worried about your child’s future, then the Career Counselling Report can prove to be helpful.

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History of Children’s Day

Chacha Nehru was a great Indian leader whose contribution for the betterment of children has always been remembered and revered. After the independence, he worked for the well-being of children and youth of the country. He is the person behind some of the best educational institutions in India like the Indian Institute of Technology, the Indian Institute of Management, and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, etc. 

During his tenure, he made a five-year plan which consisted of free primary education and free meals and milk for children so that they are not devoid of proper nutrition. All these efforts towards the betterment of children made him the favourite person among the children and youth of the nation.

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Hindu Panchang and Children’s Day 2021

As per the calculations of the Hindu Panchang, Children’s Day this year will fall on the Ekadashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha under the Poorva Bhadrapada Nakshatra.

You can proceed with any auspicious activity for your child like the school admission, Vidhyarambh Sanskaar, etc., according to the time given below:

Auspicious Muhurat/ Auspicious Timings

Abhijeet from 11:43:49 to 12:26:51

Children’s Day Celebration

Children’s Day or Bal Divas in India is celebrated to increase people’s awareness of the rights, education, and care of children. Children can lead the nation on the path of success as their sharp and fresh minds will provide the country with new technological ways.

Your child can also become the bright future of the nation. For this, he/she will need the right guidance and the right path. If you feel that your child is not growing in the right direction or they are doubtful regarding their career, then the Career Counselling Report by AstroSage can help them. You will receive accurate solutions to every problem related to your child’s career with this report.

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Children’s Day Special: These Planetary Yogas Will Brighten Your Career

On the special occasion of Children’s day, our astrologer, Tushar Joshi, on the basis of his his immense knowledge in astrology, has provided us information about such Yogas which when present in the horoscope of a person, can take him/her to the greater heights of his/her career.

“Here, I am providing you with information related to the formation of Yogas in the horoscope that can help a native attain any job effortlessly (on being qualified/ getting a government job is not necessary)*”-Astrologer Tushar Joshi

1. The natives with the Mars of Capricorn sign in their tenth house can surely attain the post of an Administrative Officer if they are eligible.

2. Natives with Mars in their horoscope in any other house besides the eighth house in its exalted sign Capricorn, become high-level Administrative Officer (on being qualified/ getting a government job is not necessary)*.

3. If Mars is placed strongly in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, or 10th house, the native can become a high-level officer (if he is qualified).

4. The natives whose ruling lord of the 10th house is in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, or 10th house, they become achieve higher-post at administrative level (getting a government job is not necessary).

5. The native who has the conjunction of the Lord of the Ascendant (Lagna) first house with the Lord of the tenth house in their horoscope becomes a high-level officer (if he is qualified).

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6. The native with Sun and Jupiter in the tenth house in its own sign, exalted sign, or friendly sign, in his horoscope most certainly becomes a high-level Administrative Officer.

7. If there is an exalted planet in the 1st, 4th, 7th house in the horoscope and the aspect of an auspicious planet Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus is falling on it, then the native becomes a high-level officer.

8. The native who has an aspect of Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus on the tenth house becomes a high-level officer (if he is qualified).

9. If the lord of the second house and the tenth house are conjoining, then such natives become high-level Administrative Officers.

10. If the lord of the second house is present in the tenth house in its exalted sign, own sign, or friendly sign, then such natives become high-level officers.

11. When the lord of the second house conjoins with the lord of the tenth house in the horoscope of a person, they become high-level Administrative Officer.

12. If the lord of the tenth house is present in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 9th, or 10th house, then the native becomes an officer.

13. When the lord of 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house conjoins with the lord of 5th or 9th house in the horoscope of a person, he becomes an officer.

14. If Saturn is present in the tenth house and Jupiter in the fourth house of the Taurus Ascendant horoscope, the native becomes an officer.

(These Yogas become 100% fruitful if they are formed in both, Ascendant (Lagna) horoscope and Moon horoscope.)

If you want to know if these Yogas are being formed in your charts, then contact Astrologer Tushar Joshi via call/ chat and know the important aspects of your horoscope.

Best Career Options as per Your Zodiac Sign


Politics, Management, Army, Government Jobs, and Advertisement


Work-related to flowers or painting, or work related to making sculptures, and in the field of handwriting, Chef, Massage Therapist


Teaching and architecture jobs, any travel-related work or entertainment related work


Nurse, sweeper, gardener, politician, and journalist

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Media, Public Relations Design, Acting, Direction, Modelling, Dance, Event Planning, Animation, Painting


Lawyer or teacher, math, physics, finance, engineering, research, medicine, architecture, investment and the stock market, data analyst, contractor, accountant


Diplomats, Judges, Public Relations Consultants, Consultants, Psychologists and Artists


Engineers, Sailors, Market Analysts, Doctors, Environmental Specialists, Pathologists, Soldiers


Government service, educationist, astrologer, writer, speaker, politician, religious leader, preacher, judge, lawyer, teacher


Advertising, Arts, Finance, Management, Banking, Writing, Law and Administration, Media


Acting, writing, teaching, photography or flight operator

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Fashion, advertising, filmmaking, actor, dancer, comedian, or musician, writing and writing poetry, business with water, liquids, alcohol, drugs, chemicals, oil, and work involving the ocean, etc.

Children’s Day Celebration

Let’s see how people can celebrate this day this year-

  • Distribute gifts, sweets, and chocolates to kids
  • Organize different events like debate competitions, fancy dress competitions, storytelling, speeches related to different freedom fighters, quizzes, etc.
  • Cultural and social programs can also be organized to lighten the mood, like dancing and singing.
  • People can distribute clothes, food, toys, etc. to orphan children to brighten up their day.
  • Programs related to freedom fighters of the nation can be held.
  • People can make the children’s day celebration a lot more by including fun activities for children like a treasure hunt, quizzes, etc.
  • Famous personalities can also organize events for entertainment and to spread awareness for the unprivileged children. 

Children’s Day 2021 Wishes

  • “Let’s celebrate the day of innocence and joy. Happy Children’s Day 2021!”
  • “One hour with a child will teach you a lifetime worth of joy and innocence. Happy Children’s Day 2021!”
  • “Let’s join hands on this Children’s Day to make this world a safer place for the little ones. Happy Children’s Day 2021!”
  • “Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, they make this world a beautiful garden. Happy Children’s Day 2021!”
  • “Children are budding stars, the more you inspire them the more they learn. Happy Children’s Day 2021.”

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