Chandra Dosh-Cause Of Different Menacing Diseases; Note Remedies Now!

In astrology, it is believed that a person is connected to the Navagrahas (nine planets) as soon as they’re born in the world. The positive and negative effects of the Navagrahas are always impacting the movements of the person. Graha doshas result in all sorts of troubles in life like failure in education, family or relationship troubles, rough patches in the business journey, and health concerns.

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Talking about the moon, it is considered the lord of Cancer and the factor for one’s mind & brain. The auspiciousness of the moon is helping the person face tougher situations in a peaceful manner and controls the temper levels in facing bigger challenges. The person rather finds solutions using their common sense. Whereas, weak positioning of the moon leads to stress in life and the mind remains continuously restless.

Astrology has given solutions to fix Chandra Dosh and this AstroSage blog will guide you with relevant remedies. Also, get moon related information here and other crucial details.

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Strong Position Of Moon In Horoscope

When the moon is in a stronger position in a person’s horoscope, they enjoy life with excitement & enthusiasm, and the mind is also calmer. It is considered to be highly powerful in the ninth house of Scorpio ascendant. Along with it, Moon is exalted in Taurus in the seventh house in the center (Kendra). It is considered the lord of the ninth house and indicates the turning of fortunes. However, the person is experiencing money gains, respect in society, and status as the moon enters the seventh house.

The Relationship Of Moon With Other Planets

Friendly Planets – Sun and Mercury

 Nearest Planets – Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu

 Enemy Planet – None

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The Effects Of Chandra Dosh In Horoscope

If the moon is in a weaker position as per the horoscope, then the person faces all kinds of troubles in daily activities. Due to Chandra Dosh, there will be the continuous presence of discord in life, because the moon is connected to your mind & emotions. The person gets tangled into multiple troubles related to health, education, relationship, or business. The presence of Moon Defect in the horoscope can also turn into heart or lung-related troubles. It can also be the reason behind depression, stress, epilepsy, and restlessness in your life.

Explicit Remedies to Eliminate Chandra Dosh in Horoscope

Worship Lord Shiva to Tackle Moon Defects

The person should worship lord Shiva to get relief from Chandra dosh in their horoscope. It is believed that praying to lord Shiva on Monday, who holds the Chandra Dev on his head, can ensure freedom from Chandra dosha.

Devoting Prayers to Somnath Jyotirlinga

One must especially worship Somnath Jyotirlinga, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, to eliminate Chandra Dosha from the horoscope. If possible do visit the place physically to gain positivity in your life. For quick info – Somnath Jyotirlinga is considered the first among the 12 Jyotirlingas in the country, which was entrenched by lord Indradev himself.

Do Fasting on Monday

If you desire happiness and prosperity, other than fixing moon-related troubles then Monday fasting becomes crucial. It is firmly believed that Chandra Dosh in horoscopes can be overcome with regular fasting on Mondays. If it becomes hard for individuals to fast every Monday, then monthly full moon day fasting will also work.

Make the Right Donations

Donations are the best way to treat different troubles attached to planetary positions in a horoscope. To heal Chandra dosh in the horoscope, donate things related to the moon on Mondays like milk, silver, pearl, white clothes, and others.

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 Wear Pearl to Tackle Chandra Dosh

As per astrology, wearing gems related to the nine planets will deliver auspicious results. In this regard, a pearl gem in a silver ring on the little finger will be the ideal solution to deal with the moon defect in the horoscope. Take the advice of an AstroSage astrologer before wearing the gem so that they can guide you with relevant procedures. There are chants related to the moon lord that need to be repeated at the time of wearing the ring for getting the desired results.

Mantra To Tackle Chandra Dosh

It is crucial that the room remains strong in the horoscope. The mantra chants are very crucial to acquire the auspiciousness of the moon planet in the horoscope and also fixing Chandra dosh. Repeat the mantra taking the rosary of Rudraksha in your hand. Mantra to repeal Chandra Dosh –

‘oṃ soṃ somāya namaḥ’ athavā ‘oṃ śrāṃ śrīṃ śrauṃ saḥ caṃdramase namaḥ’।

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Hope the article helped guide you towards solutions for life issues through astrology.


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