Chaitra Navratri Day 5 : Know the Ways to Appease Goddess Skandmata

On the fifth day of Navratri, Goddess Skandmata is worshipped by duly following all the rites and rituals. She comes riding on a lion. Skandamata, the presiding deity of the entire solar system has four arms. 

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She holds a Skanda with the upper arm on the right side and has a lotus flower in the lower arm. This astonishing form of Skandamata is extremely beneficial for her devotees.

Those natives who wish to get the boon of a progeny are recommended to worship Skandamata with pure devotion. It is believed that the Goddess protects all of her devotees like she would protect her sons. This is the reason why she is considered to be the first ever woman with maternal instincts. Also because of being the mother of Skand kumar Kartikeya, she came to be known as Skandmata. 

While worshipping this particular Goddess, you should chant,  ‘सिंहासनगता नित्यं पद्माश्रितकरद्वया। शुभदास्तु सदा देवी स्कन्दमाता यशस्विनी॥ या देवी सर्वभूतेषुमां स्कन्दमाता रूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नम:।।”/ siṃhāsanagatā nityaṃ padmāśritakaradvayā। śubhadāstu sadā devī skandamātā yaśasvinī॥ yā devī sarvabhūteṣumāṃ skandamātā rūpeṇa saṃsthitā। namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo nama:।।”

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How to Worship Goddess Skandamata?

  1. Wake up early in the morning on this day and take a holy bath. 
  2. Afterwards, start worshipping the Goddess. 
  3. Do not forget to use beautiful colours to complete the Puja rituals on this day as they are quite dear to the Goddess. 
  4. Reverence to Skanda Mata and Lord Kartikeya should be paid very benevolently. 
  5. The Puja palette must consist of vermilion, Akshat, fruits, flowers etc. 
  6. Apply vermilion on the goddess and light a ghee lamp in front of her. 
  7. While commemorating the Puja, chant ॐ देवी स्कन्दमातायै नमः/oṃ devī skandamātāyai namaḥ
  8. Offerings of bananas should be made to the Goddess. 
  9. On this day, the Prasad or offerings should be distributed among the Brahmans as it is said that this enhances the intellectual capabilities of a person. 

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Which Colour Should be Worn While Worshipping Goddess Skandmata? 

It is said about Goddess Skandmata that this particular incarnation of the Goddess is quite kind hearted and benevolent. Considering such a situation, it would be favourable if you wear orange or saffron coloured clothes and use them excessively on this day. The same should also be used while worshipping the Goddess too. Keep in mind only to use the above mentioned colours on this day only. 

Worship Goddess Skandamata for these Benefits

  • It is believed that worshipping Goddess Skandmata ensures her devotees freedom from all kinds of diseases, enhancement of knowledge and wisdom. 
  • The due wishes of the hearts of devotees get fulfilled when they worship Skandmata with a pure heart and mind. They also remain at the receiving end of happiness and prosperity. 
  • It is believed that only by worshipping Goddess Skandmata, you can also pay your reverence to the child form of Lord Kartikeya. Hence, devotees should remain extra cautious while worshipping the Goddess. 
  • Goddess Skandmata is also considered to be the supreme deity of this Universe, due to which her worshipers are endowed with splendid glory and radiance.
  • Natives who wish for a progeny should also worship Goddess Skandmata. 

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Astrological Input on Goddess Skandamata

As per the calculations put forth by astrology, Skandmata is also the presiding deity of the planet Mercury. So, when one worships the Goddess, the ill effects of Mercury also come to an end. 

We hope that you will appreciate this blog of ours. Wish you a very happy Navratri!!

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