Astrology Says You Can Have A Career As A Movie Star Too!

Film Industry has now taken a more creative bent of mind. With the introduction of art and Indie movies, even the audience has opened their minds to new concepts and story lines. In this 21st Century, Film & Cinema have become an important part of the people’s lives. Not only is it a major source of entertainment but information as well. Seeking a successful career as a movie star in this field has never been a cake-walk. However, the favourable positions of stars and Nakshatras and formation of certain Yogas in one’s horoscope can lead one down this artistic path. Let’s go ahead and understand how astrology influences one’s profession and what all factors are responsible for a career as a movie star and in the Film Industry.

How Astrology Determines Your Career As A Movie Star?

As per Vedic Astrology, a strong Fifth House and planet Sun, Venus and Jupiter are responsible for a successful and top-notch career as a movie star in the film industry. Where Venus represents art and drama, Jupiter signifies fortune and luck and Sun stands for fame. Adding onto it, a strong fifth house leads to emerging success through fifth house affairs, i.e. Action, Entertainment, Action etc.

As per the KP Astrology, it is clearly stated that when the 5th Cusp Sub Lord is posited in the Nakshatra of a planet ruling the second, sixth, tenth and eleventh house, then the native attains immense success in the entertainment field. However, Karaka planet Venus’s connection automatically enhances the favourable yoga, thereby leading to desired results.

Further explaining the above, if there is a strong connection established between the 5th Cusp Sub Lord and 2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th House, a career in the film industry can be indicated. However, if the 10th Cusp Sub Lord remains strongly connected with the 5th House along with the 2nd, 6th and 11th House, success can be confirmed. Therefore, this is clearly a case of Cross-Connection, which serves as an important aspect when determining a successful career in movies.

However, all these outcomes take place during the conjoined periods of the 2nd, 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th house significators as per KP Astrology. Keep in mind that the above criteria can be applied in terms of Horary Astrology.

Nature Of Work As Per Planets

Along with the above astrological analysis, we can classify the field of work one can get into depending upon the planets. You can have your career as a movie star or maybe become a part of the film industry in some other way. Let’s talk about it in detail:


If the main significator is Sun, then you can make your career in Production and as a Producer. It is known that the Producer of the film leads the movie towards success.


If the main significator is Moon, which stands for emotions and expressions, then you can excel in making Tragedy films, and Children Movies. Also, the combination of Moon-Saturn can lead to you making message-oriented movies.


If the main significator is Mars, that signifies fearlessness, then you can make your career as a movie star. Therefore, you can be the leading hero, action star, or comedian.


If the main significator is Jupiter, then the native can excel as a Director. However, several planetary combinations enable the native to make a name in various genres, which are as follows:

  • Sun-Jupiter = Patriotic Movies
  • Moon-Jupiter = Movies for Kids, Message oriented films
  • Mars-Jupiter = Action Movies
  • Mercury-Jupiter = Comedy Movies
  • Venus-Jupiter = Love Stories/Musicals
  • Saturn-Jupiter = Tragedy Movies, Historical or Mythological Movies
  • Rahu-Jupiter = Horror Movies/Suspense Thrillers
  • Ketu-Jupiter = Philosophical Movies


If the main significator is Venus, then you are expected to make your career as a Set-Coordinator, Fashion Stylist or Make-Up Artist. These people add to the overall look and show of a film, and help to enhance the overall beauty.


If the main significator is Saturn, then natives working behind the camera comes under its ascendancy. Below are some planetary combinations naming some of them:

  • Mars-Mercury-Venus-Saturn-Jupiter: Dancer, Choreographer
  • Mars-Saturn-Jupiter: Action Director, Stunt Master
  • Mercury-Moon-Venus-Saturn-Jupiter: Music Director, Composer
  • Mercury-Moon-Saturn-Venus-3rd house: Lyricist
  • Mercury-Mars-Moon-Saturn-3rd house: Screenplay Writer, Dialogue Writer, Script Writer
  • Mercury-Mars-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Rahu: On-Set Technician, Graphics
  • Mercury-Jupiter-Venus and 5, 3 houses: Movie Distributor
  • Mercury-Jupiter: Advertisement

Keep in mind that these results are based on the running Dashas and Bhuktis in a native’s kundli. There are instances when someone debuted as a Villain in the Film Industry but turned out to be a successful Hero, Action Hero, or Comedian. This change or shift can be seen due to the co-rulers.

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