Lord Krishna’s Favorite Month Begins-Kanha Will Bless These Signs This Month!

Just like the Sawan month is dear to Lord Shiva, Bhadrapada month begins after this month ends. The month of Bhadrapada is dedicated to the God of love and devotion, Lord Krishna. This month, the birthday of Lord Krishna and Ganesh Utsav will also be celebrated.

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If we talk about Bhadrapada month in 2022 then the 6th month according to the Hindu calendar, Bhadrapada, will begin from 12 August and end on 10 September. The Pratipada Tithi of Bhadrapada month commenced from 12 August, 2022, at 07:05 am. Just like other months, special significance is given to worshiping, chanting, meditation, donation, charity, etc. in this month. It is believed that if a person follows the proper rituals, all their wishes are fulfilled and happiness resides in their houses.

Today through our special blog, we will provide you with some insightful information about Bhadrapada month. Also, we will find out the life situation of 12 zodiac signs during this period. Besides this, we will provide you with an unfailing remedy that is performed during this month. 

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Rules & Cautions Of Bhadrapada Month

  • During this month, it is advised to avoid eating raw food items.
  • It is forbidden to consume curd in this month.
  • Bathing with cold water in the morning and evening has special significance. It is believed that by doing so, a person gets rid of laziness.
  • Besides this, offering Tulsi to Lord Vishnu or drinking Tulsi infused tea in this month gives various benefits to the natives.
  • Follow celibacy during this month to get rid of sins and sufferings.
  • During Bhadrapada month, performing auspicious ceremonies or activities like marriage, Grah Pravesh, etc. is forbidden. Also, one must bathe twice a day during this month.

As we mentioned before, Bhadrapada month is dedicated to Lord Krishna. In this regard, if you bathe Lord Krishna with Panchamrit the whole month then the natives fulfill all their wishes and they attain child-related happiness. Besides this, if a person recites Shreemad Bhadgwat Geeta in this month with devotion, their self confidence increases. Special importance is given to establishing Laddu Gopal and Shankh (Shell) for happiness and prosperity in the house during this month.

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Attain Child-Related Happiness With This Bhadrapada Month Remedy 

The married couples who have not been blessed with a child even after a long time of marriage must worship the Bal Gopal form of Lord Krishna during this month. In this month, bring Laddu Gopal and recite the Santaan Gopal Mantra. It is believed that by doing so, the married woman soon conceives. Be mindful to add Tulsi in each food or Bhog you prepare in Puja during this month.

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What Will Bhadrapada Month Bring For 12 Zodiac Signs?

Aries: Family life will be favorable. You might get good news from the children’s side. Married life will also be blissful. There are good chances of financial gains.

Taurus: You might face some upheaval in your marital life. Although, family life will be good. There are strong chances of financial gains. Be mindful of your expenses. Working professionals and business people might receive good news.

Gemini: Business people will benefit. You will benefit through siblings. There will be an increase in the courage and determination of Gemini natives. Your respect and reputation will enhance. Overall, you will attain allround benefits this month. Besides this, you might go somewhere with your life partner to spend time.

Cancer: You will get rid of financial problems. Refrain from unnecessary expenses. Working professionals and business people will attain immense benefits. However, there may be some problems in your family life. Spend more time with your life partner; this will help you get rid of stress.

Leo: This month, your confidence will increase. Your respect and reputation in the society will enhance. Although, you might experience troubles related to your health. Family life will be favorable. Any past investment may reap good benefits.

Virgo: Virgo natives might suffer from financial problems this month. Also, there could be issues in your marital life and health as well. It is advised to you to stay away from stress as much as possible and stay away from unnecessary problems.

Libra: Working professionals will succeed, especially the natives working in the government sector. You will get rid of financial problems and luck will favor you. If you are planning to invest then this period is good for you. You will benefit from all kinds of transactions. You might also purchase a new vehicle or property during this time.

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Scorpio: Working professionals will benefit. The Scorpio natives looking for a job will also be successful during this period. The natives associated with the education field will enjoy a favorable time. Financial situation will be strong.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius natives will attain all round success. During this period, there will be happiness in your child’s life. Married life will be blissful. There will be harmony and peace in your life in general. Financial condition will be strong. If you are planning to make any investments then this period will be favorable for that.

Capricorn: Capricorn natives are advised to stay away from any fights or arguments this month. Don’t trust any third person blindly. Your financial condition will be favorable but you need to be cautious regarding monetary transactions. You might suffer from some health issues. In this regard, you need to take care of your health.

Aquarius: You might end up in a fight with your partner this month. So, you must avoid getting into any arguments, be patient, and keep your speech in check. If you are planning to start any new work then you are advised to put it on hold for now.

Pisces: Pisces natives will attain financial benefits this month. They will succeed in spending time with their life partner. They will be supported by their family members. However, you will need to pay heed to your health and are advised to consult a doctor immediately when needed.

More Information: These important fasts & festivals will fall in the Bhadrapada Month: Note down the dates.

12 August, 2022 (Friday): Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha Pratipada Tithi

14 August, 2022 (Sunday): Kajari Teej/ Kajli Teej/ Budi Teej or Satudi Teej

15 August, 2022 (Monday): Bahula Chaturthi Vrat, Sankashti Chaturthi

17 August, 2022 (Wednesday): Surya Singh Sankranti

18 August, 2022 (Thursday): Shree Krishna Janmashtami 

23 August, 2022 (Tuesday): Aja Ekadashi

24 August, 2022 (Wednesday): Masik Pradosh Vrat

25 August, 2022 (Thursday): Masik Shivratri

27 August, 2022 (Saturday): Bhadrapada Amavasya 

28 August, 2022 (Sunday): Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha Begins

30 August, 2022 (Tuesday): Hartalika Teej

31 August, 2022 (Wednesday): Ganesh Chaturthi

01 September, 2022 (Thursday): Rishi Panchami

04 September, 2022 (Sunday): Radha Ashtami

06 September, 2022 (Tuesday): Parivartini Ekadashi

08 September, 2022 (Thursday): Pradosh Vrat, Onam

09 September, 2022 (Friday): Anant Chaturthi, Ganesh Visarjan

10 September, 2022 (Saturday): Bhadrapad Purnima Vrat, Pitru Paksha Begins

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