Avoid Doing These 5 Things On Dussehra 2022, Your Life Could Be Negatively Affected!

Dussehra 2022 will be celebrated on Wednesday, 05 October. This festival comes once Sharad Navratri ends. Dussehra is the day when the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu i.e., Lord Ram killed the mighty King of Lanka, Ravan, and this day marks the victory of good over evil. Lord Ram is keenly worshiped by the followers of Hinduism. He is not only an idol man, but was also an epitome of a perfect son, husband, and king. Dussehra is an extremely special day for everyone and in this regard, there are certain things that must be avoided during Dussehra 2022. This blog by AstroSage will highlight these things, so keep reading till the end!

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But first, let us check out the Muhurat for Dussehra 2022.

Dussehra 2022: Muhurat

Vijayadashami (Dussehra)- 5 October 2022, Wednesday

Dashmi Tithi Begins- 4 October 2022, till 2:20 pm

Dashmi Tithi Ends: 5 October 2022 till 12 pm

Shravana Nakshatra Beginning- 4 October 2022 till 10:51 pm

Shravana Nakshatra Ending: 5 October 2022 till 09:15 pm

Vijay Muhurat- 5 October from 2:13 pm to 2:54 pm

Amrit Kaal: 5 October from 11:33 am to 1:02 pm

Dur Muhurat: 5 October from 11:51 am to 12:38 pm.

Now, let’s find out the things that are prohibited on Dussehra 2022.

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Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes On Dussehra 2022

  1. Don’t Disrespect Anyone

Dussehra is the festival of Satya, Dharma & Karma. In this regard, you must avoid disrespecting or insulting any person, especially the old, poor and needy. You must also avoid disrespecting women on this day as it is believed that by doing so, Goddess Laxmi is angered and you will have to face the wrath of the Goddess in your life. 

  1. Don’t Do Wrong To People

Dussehra is a day that celebrates the victory of good over evil. So, you must make sure that you don’t do wrong to any person, especially on this day. It is a pious day and to maintain its auspiciousness, you must choose the path of right over wrong. 

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  1. Avoid Cutting Trees

Cutting trees on the day of Dussehra is regarded as an inauspicious act. Trees are dear to the followers of Hinduism and various trees as plants are worshiped and are considered the forms of various Gods. Besides religious significance, trees are important for our environment and to maintain good health.

  1. Avoid Killing Any Living Creature

Never kill any living being on the day of Vijay Dahsmi, knowingly or unknowingly as it brings inauspicious outcomes in life. You must also avoid eating non vegetarian food on this pious day.

  1. Stay Away From Dishonesty

As mentioned before, Dussehra is the day of celebrating honesty and earnesty. Therefore, you need to avoid lying to anyone on this day and take the path of rightful activities. You must also encourage others to choose the path of honesty and give up lies and sinful things. 

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