All You Need to Know About the Special Raj Yogas Present in Your Kundli!

With this blog today, we will talk about certain Raj Yogas present in the Kundli which can change our lives for good. The rags to riches story can also turn out to be true with Raj Yogas only. Hence, it becomes very much necessary to know about the Raj Yogas present in the Kundli.

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With this blog today, we will talk about certain Raj Yogas present in the Kundli which can change our lives for good. If you wish to know which Raj Yoga is present in your Kundli, then you can get the AstroSage Raj Yoga Report which will be your personalized and customized report. It is a special report which can help us to get a sneak peek of the future and helps us know what all needs to be done to make the future a better place for us to live in. You can know the golden period of your life with the help of this report. But what exactly is Raj Yoga? 

With this blog today, we will tell you what Raj Yoga really is in the realm of Vedic astrology and how it can change our lives for the better. Readers should also know that planets and Nakshatras also play a very important role in our lives. To get a clearer picture of this, you can get a copy of AstroSage Brihat Horoscope

What is Raj Yoga in Vedic Astrology?

Yogas in a Kundli play an important role in determining the life path of a native. S/He attains auspicious results when favourable Yogas form in her/his Kundli, and vice versa. Amongst them, Raj Yoga seems to be the most significant. The word “Raj” means “King”, which can also be interpreted as fame, prosperity, wealth, reputation and fulfilment of desires in one’s life. The presence of Raj Yoga in the horoscope of a person suggests the attainment of luxury and comfort in his/her life. 

According to Vedic Astrology, a total of 32 types of Raja Yogas exist that offer status, prestige and honor to a native. The formation of such planetary yogas direct a person towards success, and help him/her with life troubles. It seems impossible for all the 32 Raj Yogas to appear in one’s kundli, however, if such a thing happens, then that person is said to rule the world, possess immense fame and wealth and stands powerful.

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Special Raj Yogas That Can Change Your Life!

Since there are several Raj Yoga in astrology, below we have listed some of the powerful and special Raj Yogas that mark great impact on the lives of natives.

Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga

Sometimes we see a debilitated planet in a chart and it seems that it will deliver bad results but, in some special conditions, the debilitation of that planet gets cancelled and thus Neech Bhang Raj Yoga forms. In this yoga the debilitated planets deliver good results and that too leads to rise in the life of a native. There are many conditions in which neech bhang raj yoga forms. A single condition is mentioned here: If the debilitated planet is in conjunction or aspected by the planet which is exalted in the same sign. When Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga is formed in one’s kundli, that native attains success in the field of politics and administration. However, it is worth noting that the native attains success in the fields associated with the planetary lord of the house where the Yoga is formed. For example, if Raj Yoga is formed in a house ruled by the Sun, then the person attains success in politics and government jobs.

Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga

Gaj Kesari Raja Yoga is considered to be very influential. This Raja Yoga is formed when Jupiter is posited in the Kendra, i.e. first, fourth, seventh or tenth house from the Moon or both of them are placed in the Kendra. Such a person becomes a scholar and earns fame and wealth through his / her intelligence. If you wish to know if this Yoga exists in your Kundli, then you can get this information from AstroSage’s  Raj Yoga Report

Parashari Raj Yoga

When the Trine and Kendra houses are related to each other, the possibility of Parashari Raj Yoga forming in a kundli increases. Under its influence, the native becomes wealthy, prosperous, famous, attains high designation and possession of property. 

Adhi Yoga

This Raja Yoga is formed when the planets Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are positioned in the seventh and eighth house from the natal Moon. Some astrologers believe that if auspicious planets are situated in the sixth, seventh and eighth house from Lagna instead of the Moon, then this Raja Yoga is created. Such a placement enables a native to develop leadership skills and do well on the front line.

Buddhaditya Raj Yoga

This Raja Yoga is formed when Sun and Mercury are posited in the same house in a kundli. Such natives shine bright like the Sun, incur intellectual abilities due to the influence of Mercury and earn a name in the administrative field.

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Chamara Raj Yoga

Chamara Yoga occurs in a kundli when Lagna lord is exalted, placed in Kendra and aspected by Jupiter. Also, if two auspicious planets are conjuncted or combined in either the Lagna, seventh, ninth or tenth house, then this Raj Yoga is formed. Such a native becomes scholarly, well-versed in all arts, leads a king-like life, and attains fame and wealth.

Dhan Yoga

Dhan Yoga is formed when the ruling lord of the first, second, fifth, ninth and eleventh house conjuncts, aspects or exchanges relationships with each other. Any native born under this yoga attains immense wealth, profit and becomes rich. 

Akhanda Raj Yoga

Akhanda Samrajya Yoga is a rare occurrence, and presents one with the gift of dominance and rulership. This yoga is formed when a powerful Jupiter rules the second, fifth or eleventh house from the Ascendant. Also, when Kendra is occupied by the ruling lord of either the second, ninth or eleventh house from the Moon, then also Akhanda Samrajya Yoga is formed. Such a native leads a luxurious life, rules over a vast kingdom and holds a high rank in the ministry or society. One of the significant examples is Lord Ram’s better half, Lady Sita.

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How Raj Yoga In A Kundli Resolves Life Troubles?

The formation of Raj Yoga in a kundli is said to be an auspicious planetary occurrence, and helps to get rid of all your life troubles. Igniting a sense of positivity, the presence of Raj Yoga in one’s birth chart helps the native to plan his/her actions and reap maximum benefits during the golden period of his/her life. Performing necessary actions during the auspicious period helps the native attain his/her goals, and get rid of life troubles.

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Formation Of Raj Yoga In Your Kundli

The association between Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10) and Trine (5, 9) Houses in a kundli forms the Raj Yoga. The more dense relationship between these house lords, the more powerful Raj Yoga is formed. Ascendant or Lagna is very important and considered as Kendra as well as Trine House. Raj Yoga forms in one’s kundli under the below mentioned circumstances:

  • When the Kendra and Trine house lords are posited in the same house in conjunction with each other, Raj Yoga is formed.
  • When the Kendra and Trine houses lords mutually aspect each other, then Raj Yoga forms in one’s kundli.
  • When the planets owning the Kendras and Trine house are in exchange or interchange yoga, a very powerful Raj Yoga Forms. For example: Taurus ascendant lord Venus is placed in the ninth house, which is a trine house and this house lord Saturn is placed in the Ascendant, then this is a very powerful Raj Yoga. 
  • Exchange/interchange is a very powerful combination of planets thus this raj yoga is more strong. Then Aspects and then conjunctions of planets. This is a descending series of powerful Raj Yogas.
  • The more benefic planets combine, the more powerful Raj Yoga forms. If malefic planets aspects these planets, then the power of Raj Yoga reduces.   
  • If a person has more than such combination, then it is very auspicious and gives a huge rise in the life of that native.
  • The conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the tenth house at the time of birth along with Rahu and Mars in the sixth house forms the Raj Yoga. with its influence, a native attains high reputation in society.
  • A strong Raj Yoga forms in a kundli when the conjunction of fourth and fifth house and ninth and tenth house doesn’t get afflicted by any malefic planets.
  • The conjunction or combination of Jupiter with either Moon or Mars forms the auspicious Raj Yoga in a kundli.
  • When the fourth, fifth, and seventh house lords combine or conjunct in either the Kendra or Lagna house, auspicious Raj Yoga is formed.
  • When the first, fifth and ninth house lords are posited in each other’s houses, then Raj Yoga is formed. Such a native leads a leisurely life.
  • When auspicious planets get placed in the eleventh house, then cuh a person undergoes the influence of Raj Yoga and leads a prosperous life.
  • When the Trine planets are posited in their own house or exalted, then the Raj Yoga is formed. Such a native develops a religious nature and earns fame and wealth in his/her life.
  • When Jupiter conjuncts with the Moon in the Lagna and the placement of the Sun seems strong in the kundli, it gives rise to Raj Yoga. Such a person attains fame in politics.

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