Eye Flu: Astrological Reasons For ‘Pink Eye’; These Zodiacs Must Beware!

Eye Flu: Columns and articles in news channels and newspapers abound with discussions about an eye infection called ‘the pink eye’ or commonly known as ‘conjunctivitis.’ This infection, which leads to red and itchy eyes, a sticky discharge, and intense eye pain, is spreading rapidly these days. Eye infections typically arise from allergic reactions or infections. Conjunctivitis in particular causes inflammation of the conjunctiva, which covers the white part or the cornea of the eyeball. Eye Flu is common in monsoons due to high humidity and presence of more pathogens during the rainy season. 

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Conjunctivitis cases are on the rise across the country at an alarming rate. As many as more than 2,300 conjunctivitis cases have been reported in the last few days and Delhi too has been witnessing 3-4 times more cases than the previous year. Due to increased rainfall, excessive humid conditions and waterlogging the ideal conditions have been prevalent for the spread of virus and bacteria recently. Hence, the cases of common eye infections are on the rise. 

We, at Astrosage are always up for an opportunity to flip through the pages of ancient astrological texts and look at the common events through the astrological perspective. So, we decided to look into astrology, deduce the reasons for the rise in these cases and closely study planetary movements which may lead to eye infections, diseases and other problems related to the eyes. 

Astrological Factors Responsible For Eye Related Problems

  • Natives experience a higher risk of eye diseases when a malefic planet aspects the Sun and the Moon or when these two planets conjunct in the twelfth house. Likewise, if the 12th house is also under malefic influence or has a malefic planet in it then also it can lead to eye problems and allergies. 
  • The Sun and The Moon both give and reflect light and that is why both these planets are associated with the eyes. If the Sun and the Moon are weak in one’s birth chart, then he/she may experience eye related problems or infections. 
  • A higher chance of experiencing eye diseases occurs for natives when a malefic planet aspects the Sun and the Moon or when these two planets conjunct in the twelfth house.
  • Mars and Saturn’s conjunction present in the second house may also give birth to eye problems. This conjunction can give eye related problems for sure.
  • If the ruling lords of the 2nd, 12th, 1st houses, and Venus are in conjunction in the trik houses or the conjunction of 12th house, 7th house ruling lords, and the Moon are present in (6, 8, 12), then such an individual may give eye related problems.

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Planetary Transits Responsible For Eye Flu

Now that we know about the factors which can lead to eye disorders or problems let us now have a look at the planetary transit chart around the time conjunctivitis or the ‘pink eye’ started spreading and understand how the planetary movements aggravated these infections and lead to its spread in major parts of the country.

The chart shown above shows the planetary movements on 18th July, 2023 and the transits of the planets which could have led to the spread of the pink eye across the country. We can observe The Sun and the Moon, known as the ‘karaka’ planets of the eyes, positioned together at 0 degrees in the sign of Cancer, symbolizing water, humid climates, etc. Venus, another planet influencing the eyes and serving as the lord of the 2nd house, joins Mars. Both these planets are directly affected by Saturn, which further contributes to the extensive occurrence of pink eye infection. Jupiter, the 12th house lord is also under the malefic impact by coming within the Rahu-Ketu axis.  

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As we can clearly see from the above chart both the rainy season and the planetary transits created the perfect scenario for such a widespread attack of conjunctivitis or the pink eye across the nation. We hope this blog was insightful and informative. Continue reading to know which zodiac signs should be more cautious during this time and the effective remedies. 

These Zodiacs Must Beware Of The Eye Flu!

Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces must take extra precautions to protect themselves as these zodiac signs are more susceptible to infections during this time. Now let us know some easy yet important remedies to follow. 

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Astrological Reasons Behind The Eye Flu: Impactful Remedies

  • Offer Arghya to the Sun and recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotram
  • Strengthen your 2nd house and the 12th house lords as suitable as per your individual horoscope. 
  • Worship lord Shiva
  • Wear silver ornaments and donate silver, if possible
  • Chant the ‘Chakshushi Vidya Mantra’ daily to get rid of eye problems or the related diseases.

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