Ashwin Purnima Vrat: Know Shubh Muhurat, Pujan Vidhi & Associated Legend

Purnima Tithi holds a special significance in Hindu Religion. It falls once in every month and all Purnima Tithis have their own importance. But among all the Purnimas falling in a year, some have attained special significance. 

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The first Purnima tithi falling in the month of October will be on 01 October, known as Adhik Ashwin Purnima, whereas the second will be on 31 October, known as Ashwin Purnima. The day of Adhik Ashwin Purnima is considered to be of high importance. On this day, Laxmi Narayan is venerated, charity is performed and bathing in holy rivers is conducted.

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Adhik Ashwin Purnima Puja Rituals

It is said that any fast or worship is fruitful if it is observed or performed with due rituals. Let us know the significance, Pujan Vidhi and Shubh Muhurat of Adhik Ashwin Purnima Vrat.  

October 01, 2020, Thursday: Ashwin Adhik Purnima / Ashwin Purnima Fast

Ashwin, Shukla Paksha

Start- 12:25 AM, October 01

End- 02:34 AM, October 02

  • Observe fast on the day Purnima with absolute devotion and true heart. After a bath, place a Kalash of copper or clay and cover it with a clean cloth. 
  • Then, place an idol or photo of Maa Lakshmi at the place of worship. Those who can afford may place a golden idol. 
  • In the evening or at dusk, light Diya/lamp, filled with ghee, of gold, silver and clay as per your financial ability. 
  • It is considered to be fruitful if a hundred Diyas/lamps are lit.
  • Prepare Kheer mixed with ghee and offer as Prasad on this very day.
  • Leave this Kheer under the moonlight in any utensil. 
  • Offer this Kheer to Maa Lakshmi after three hours.
  • If possible, offer this Kheer to Brahmins or any needy or elderly people of the family as a Prasad.
  • After this, perform Jagran and Bhajan-Kirtan during the night with true devotion.
  • Offer the idol of Maa Lakshmi to an intellectual Brahmin at the time of Sunrise.
  • Performing donation is also considered to be significant on this very day. In this pretext, donate as per your financial ability.

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Significance of Ashwin Purnima Vrat

It is believed about the night of Purnima that the Moon appears in full shape with all its sixteen powers (Kalas) and showers nectar with its rays. That is the very reason, the Kheer to be kept under the moonlight, is eaten on the following morning. It is believed that Kheer turns into nectar with the rays.  

Besides this, as per beliefs, the Kheer, which is kept under the moonlight, works as a medicine and can cure several diseases. Besides this, the fast of Purnima is also associated with the grace of Maa Lakshmi. It is believed that Maa Lakshsmi visits during the night and blesses those who perform Jagran with true devotion and pure intention.  

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Legend of Ashwin Purnima

As per the well-known legend of Purnima, it is said that there used to be a money lender in ancient times. The lender had two daughters. Both the daughters would observe Purnima fast. Where one daughter would observe the fast with pure intention and true devotion, the other would end in the middle. 

Both of them got married with the passage of time. The daughter, who observed the fast with clear intention, gave birth to a lovely and beautiful child. The other one who ended the fast in between could not give birth to a child and if by chance, any child was born to her, would die in infancy. This went on for a long time. In the end, after being sick and tired of everything, she showed her horoscope to a noted brahmin to know the reason behind.

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Then the Brahmins told her that since she would end her Purnima fast in the middle, it was the reason for her troubles. Then, the girl asked what had to be done in that situation. The Brahmins advised her to observe the fast of Purnima of Ashwin month with utmost dedication and proper rituals. The daughter of the money-lender did as suggested.

After some time, the girl was blessed with a child again but this time, the child remained alive for a few days. Then, the girl put the child on a plank and covered the dead body with a cloth, and went to bring her sister. She gave the same plank to her sister on which the dead body of the child was lying. 

The elder sister was about to sit on the plank, she touched the cloth covering the child, and just then the child cried. Seeing this, the elder sister got astonished and told her sister that she wanted to put the blame on her for the death of the child. Further, the elder sister said, “What would have happened to the child, if I had sat.”

The younger sister told the elder one that the child had already died but it has got its breath again only with her touch. Since then, the influence of Purnima fast spread across the town and everybody in the town started observing fast with due rituals. 

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