In August, 3 Major Transits In Leo-3 In Other Signs; Impact On Who?

This special blog on 6 major transits in August by AstroSage has been specially curated for our curious readers who want to know more about these major planetary transits in August 2022. Which are these planets? In which signs will they transit? What will be the impact on your zodiac sign? All these questions will be answered through this insightful blog. Also, we will tell you about the dates and timings for these transits. Also, if you are interested to know if these transits will bring favorable outcomes for you, read till the end!

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According to Vedic Astrology, there are one or more planetary transits each month. These transits affect all the zodiac signs in some way or another. This year in August 2022, 6 planetary transits will take place, out of which 3 are in the sign of Leo, and 3 in other signs, and therefore, it is natural that this planetary movement will bring some changes for the zodiac signs. As per our learned astrologers of AstroSage, these 6 transits will majorly impact 4 zodiac signs. Do you want to know if your sign is in the list? Then you will have to read till the end. But before that, let’s know the date and time of these major transits.

6 Major Transits In August: Date & Timing

Mercury Transit In Leo

Mercury will transit in Leo on the first day of August, i.e. 1 August, 2022, Monday. The timing for this transit is 3:38 am. Mercury will be present in Leo until 21 August, 2022, after which it will move on to the Virgo zodiac sign.

Venus Transit In Cancer

The second transit is the transit of the benefactor of materialistic aspects and love, Venus, in the sign of Cancer. It will take place on 7 August, 2022, at 5:12 am.

Mars Transit In Taurus

The red planet Mars will enter Taurus from its own sign, Aries, on 10 August, 2022. The time for this transit is 8:40 am. 

Sun Transit In Leo

After Mercury, the Sun is set to enter Leo’s zodiac sign, which is its Mooltrikona sign, on 17 August, 2022. Its timing will be 7:14 am. 

Mercury Transit In Virgo 

Mercury, the governor of communication and speech, will enter the Virgo zodiac sign on Sunday, 26 August, 2022, at 1:55 am. 

Venus Transit In Leo

Lastly, the third sign to enter Leo in August 2022 is Venus. Venus transit in Leo will take place on the last day of August, i.e. 31 August, 2022, Wednesday, at 4:49 pm.

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Now, let’s move ahead and find out which signs will be impacted the most due to these 6 planetary transits in August 2022. 

4 Signs Will Be Impacted With These Planetary Transits

Aries: Aries is the first sign to be impacted due to these planetary transits. With the first transit, Aries natives will see good career growth, and their seniors will recognise their efforts. During the second transit, these natives might go through some turbulence in their love life due to their emotional demeanour. The third transit will bring some challenges on the financial front. You are also advised to keep your speech in check during this time to avoid clashes with friends and family members. However, the financial situation will become better with the fourth transit of the Sun. It will be cured during the fifth transit if you have been suffering from any health issue. And by the last transit, your love life issues will also start to resolve and you will move ahead towards better days. 

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Gemini: The next sign to be impacted by these 6 planetary transits is Gemini, the third zodiac sign on the zodiac chart. With Mercury and Venus’s first and second transits, the Gemini natives will see a good career and financial growth. However, the third transit of Mars will bring some turbulence in your health and love life. So, you are advised to be cautious. The fourth transit will bring a period of success and prosperity in your life. You will not go through any major changes during the fifth and sixth transit and will enjoy a favorable time with your family.

Leo: In August, 3 major planetary transits are taking place in Leo, so it is natural that this sign will be highly impacted. The first transit of Mercury will bring success in jobs and business for the natives. Venus transit will be average for Leo natives in all aspects of life. They are advised to avoid taking or giving loans to anyone during this period. Mars transit will bring new opportunities in your professional and personal life, and you will enjoy a favorable time. Sun transit in your sign will fill you with confidence and enthusiasm. However, you must take care of your personal relationships at this time. Fifth transit might make you egoistic, so you must keep your words in check while speaking to others. The last transit of August will bring many positive changes in your life and you will be seen enjoying your life to the fullest.

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Libra: Libra is the last sign in this list. The first transit will bring good luck in your career and financial life. Venus transit will light up your love life, however, you will need to pay attention to your family life. Mars transit will be a time of chaos for these natives. Sudden turbulence in financial life might lead to mental stress. Sun transit will make prior stressful situations better and you will start to see positive changes in your personal and professional life alike. Mercury transit will bring some health concerns so pay attention to your health during this time. The last transit of August, Venus transit, will bring great financial gains for you and your love life will also enhance. 

So this is how these 6 planetary transits will impact Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra natives in various aspects of their lives. 

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