4 Big Planets Conjoin In Libra In October & Give Rise To Stellium- Major Impact On 6 Signs!

In this special blog by AstroSage, find out how the conjunction of 4 planets in Libra will especially affect the lives of 6 zodiac signs, along with Libra natives. These planets will also give rise to ‘Stellium’. What is stellium? Which are these major planets and which signs will they impact? Find out everything in our blog!

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October 2022 has been declared as a special month by the astrologers due to many planetary movements and festivals taking place during this period. This month, many big planets will change position, especially in the sign of Venus, Libra. 4 big planets will conjoin in Libra throughout the month, affecting majorly 6 zodiac signs. Also, this planetary conjunction will give rise to ‘Stellium’. Let’s first tell you what Stellium is and which planets will form this stellium.

What is Stellium?

According to astrology, Stellium is a phenomenon where 3 or more planets come together in a zodiac sign. In the case of Libra, these four major planets are- the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Ketu. This astrological phenomenon will affect the lives of all individuals, however, 6 zodiac signs will be affected the most, along with Libra natives. Before getting into the impact, let’s find out the timing and date of transits of these 4 planets in Libra.

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4 Planets Conjoin In Libra

Ketu Transit In Libra: Ketu entered Libra on 12 April 2022, at 11:18 am. Ketu remains in one sign for a period of 1.5 years. Therefore, in October 2022, Ketu will be present in Libra while other 3 planets conjoin with it. 

Sun Transit In Libra: Sun, the father of the Solar System, will enter Libra on 17 October 2022 (Monday). The timing of this transit will be 07:09 pm.

Venus Transit In Libra: After the Sun, the benefactor of love and material pleasure, Venus, is entering its own sign Libra on 18 October 2022 (Tuesday), at 09:24 pm.

Mercury Transit In Libra: Lastly, this Stellium will be complete when Mercury will enter Libra on 26 October 2022 (Wednesday), at 01:38 pm.

Let’s find out the impact of these planets coming together in Libra, that will be seen the most on 6 zodiac signs.

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These 6 Signs Will Be Impacted The Most During This Planetary Conjunction

Aries: This conjunction will take place in the seventh house of Aries natives. Therefore, the married natives of this zodiac sign are advised to keep their temper in check during this period, or you could become distant with each other. The working professionals and businesspeople of this zodiac sign could find it difficult to maintain harmony with their superiors and colleagues due to this planetary conjunction. Therefore, you must avoid getting into any sort of conflict with them. However, Aries natives can gain profit from an old investment. Also, you will not be bothered by any major illness. 

Taurus: This planetary movement is taking place in the sixth house of the Taurus natives. So, the married natives could go through a turbulent period. Even the working professionals will face ups and downs. The business people could incur loss if they do not plan their work and expenses properly. These natives could also face financial difficulties. In terms of health, you must be careful as you could experience kidney or stomach related problems.

Gemini: This  Stellium will be formed in the fifth house of Gemini. During this period, your love and married life could be turbulent. Also, if you were planning to propose marriage or confess love to someone, you are advised to avoid it for now. The working professionals and business people of this sign should be sincere towards their work or else their performance will be impacted negatively. However, your financial life and health will be favorable at this time.

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Cancer: This phenomenon can lead to problems between the married couples of Cancer zodiac sign, so they are advised to be careful. The working professionals and business people of this sign can get a big project or other benefits during this period. Your financial condition will be stable, but you are advised to take care of your health as mental or physical illness can bother you.

Leo: For the Leo natives, this  Stellium is forming in the third house. It will result in the betterment of the relationship between the spouses. The working professionals are advised to avoid taking risks at this period or they might face troubles. If you were planning to make any major investments then you must postpone it for later, as it might not yield the outcomes you are expecting. However, your physical fitness will be on point during this time.

Virgo: This conjunction is taking place in your second house. So, married Virgo natives are advised to be careful at this time to avoid misunderstandings with their spouse. The working professionals must pay attention to their work and the business people should not make any big investments. You must plan your expenses during this time or your over expenses might bother you. Also, you must avoid making short term investments. You should take care of your health as well during this time.

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How Will This Conjunction Impact Libra Natives?

This major planetary conjunction of Ketu, Sun, Venus and Mercury is taking place in Libra. So, it is only natural that it will have some or the other impact on the Libra natives. In this regard, the Libra natives could face challenges in their married life during this period due to minor issues. However, the Libra lovers will enjoy a favorable time and could even plan to get married to their beloved. Minor health issues could bother these natives at this time. However, you will have a stable financial life. 

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