8 August Is Special: 4 Zodiacs To Unleash Manifestation Power Of The Lion’s Gate Portal!

The Lion’s Portal, 2023: Do you often find yourself wondering about how to manifest your desires and if manifestations even work? Well, we’re here to let you know that you can actually manifest your dreams and make your life better. Are you ready? You better be, because the Lion’s Gate Portal of 2023 is officially open. This date 08.08 is considered to be the most powerful date and is often called the window of opportunity that allows manifestation to come into your life and transform your reality completely.

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So what exactly is the Lion’s Gate Portal and why does it fall on 08.08? This is because today as per the western astrology, the bright blue star Sirius perfectly aligns with the Orion’s Belt and when this connects straight with the Sun in Leo, it forms a powerful magnetic field for manifestations to turn into reality as the universal energies align to work in your favor particularly. 

Make no mistake and gear up to manifest whatever you want and get ready for this wonderful spiritual and motivational journey that the Sun in Leo is about to take you on. Legend has it that the ancient Egyptians tracked the star Sirius in the sky and as it aligned with Orion’s belt and the Sun moved into Leo, they believed that on this day and time powerful cosmic energies and powers struck the Earth and paved the way for manifestations to come to reality. The mystics would be focused and emphasized on spiritually becoming one with the almighty and the universe and use the power of pure intent and visualizations to bring their thoughts to reality. In this blog we will talk about a few manifestation techniques and discuss which zodiacs may benefit the most today.

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The Lion’s Gate Portal: Some Manifestation Techniques

Lion’s Gate can bring luck, love, positivity, and optimism. It will also add abundance to our lives. This day will help to rid us of negativity, sadness and pessimism. Some of the manifestation techniques you can follow are:

  • Make a vision board and place it where you can easily view it even while doing the daily chores or going about your normal routine
  • Start journaling and writing your wishes down on paper and put out your thoughts to the universe
  • Say positive affirmations and keep yourself motivated
  • Consider your dreams before bed and use the power of visualization to your benefit.
  • Surround yourself with positivity.

The Lion’s Gate Portal: These Zodiacs Will Benefit Today


Students and people engaged in creative and artistic fields may find universal support today amongst Aries natives. This day is great to start a business deal or signing a partnership agreement. The Lion’s Gate Portal or the magic of the 08.08 will bless you in multiple ways and you may even hear some good news on this day. With the use of your thoughts and inner power you will be able to manifest your dreams. Do give it a try.

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Leo natives, with the Sun being their ruling lord will be blessed in their professions and their careers. They will have great projects and good opportunities coming their way. If you’re waiting for your wishes to come true then you’ll have it your way. Your personality, leadership qualities and reputation will grow. You’d be able to achieve and manifest your dreams. 


Libra natives can have good and unexpected financial gains as the Sun moves to their 11th house of gain. If you’re a regular job goer then there are chances of new opportunities coming your way or an increment or bonus coming for you. If you are wishing for a big opportunity or project coming your way then use this day to your advantage. 

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Today is a good day to take a step forward in your career, Sagis as the Sun moves into the 9th house. Your confident attitude and sharp mind will help you shine in your workplace, and opportunities for growth will come your way. With the 9th lord in the 9th house you may find yourself growing spiritually and you will be able to manifest your dreams easily. Try it. 

Note*- The readers need to remember and understand that in this blog we are talking about the western astrology, where the Sun is a few degrees ahead and has already moved into the sign of Leo. Whereas, as per the vedic astrology the Sun is still in the sign of Cancer and is set to transit into the sign of Leo on the 17th of August, so do not get confused while reading the predictions. Read the full blog on Sun Transit In Leo here. 

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