Venus In Your Kundli Reveals Career Paths

Venus In 1st House

Art, Music, Dance & Painting.

Venus In 2nd House

Business Venture With Life Partner

Venus In 3rd House

Social Media, Entertainment

Venus In 4th House

Media, Textiles, Architecture

Venus In 5th House

Social Worker Or Politician

Venus In 6th House

Health Workers Such Nurse, Dentist

Venus In 7th House

Spirituality, Property-related Business

Venus In 8th House

Mining, Speculative Trade, Esoteric Subjects

Venus In 9th House

Religious Work, Sports-related Activities

Venus In 10th House

Social Service, Farming, Teaching

Venus In 11th House

Gemstones, Share Market, Music 

Venus In 12th House

Philanthropy, Hospitals 

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