Palmistry Secrets To A Happy Married Life!

Palmistry is an important branch in the realm of astrology. The lines existing in one’s palm can be taken into account to secure information about one’s present, past and future. But, through this blog today, we will be spilling some beans about the marriage line.

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It is studied to acquire information about one’s love and marital life and as per the scholars of this field, this particular line is enough to decipher an individual’s love and marriage prospects, regardless of the person’s gender.

In the domain of Palmistry, the line of marriage occupies a special place as each and every human being desires to know some details about his/her married life and prospective life partner.

The marriage line present in our palms holds many secrets. It provides the details of the timings of your marriage, whether it will be love or arranged, will you get married once or twice and many such crucial details. All of these aspects generate curiosity in the minds of the youth.

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After all of these things, the question which arises is “Where is the marriage line located in one’s palm?” The fact is that the line which starts below the small finger and is situated above the heart line and from the outer side of the palm on Budh/ Mercury mountain is called the marriage line.

At which Age will you Get Married ? 

The distance between your small finger and heart line should be calculated to determine the appropriate age when a particular person will get married. The distance between these two lines gives an idea of the upcoming 50 years.

  • If the marriage line is in between the line in this distance, it means that you will get married around the age of 25 and if the marriage line is very close to the heart line, then you can get married before the age of 25, thereby forming situations for you to get married at a very early age.

Signs Of A Successful Married Life In Palmistry

  • A clear Marriage Line with no breakage or an island originating signifies that your married life is going to be great.
  • If there are some small lines around the Marriage Line, then it signifies love and romance in the marital life.
  • If the Marriage Line is divided into two lines, then it signifies a delay in marriage or disappointment in marital life.
  • If the Marriage Line splits at the end and two lines are formed, it reveals separation in the marital life.
  • If the Marriage Line crosses the Girdle of Venus, it means that your beloved will be irritable.

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Other Ideas Related To Marriage Line

The Marriage Line can be seen and read from four different places on a palm:

  • The marriage line on the Budh Parvat or Mount of Mercury should be long, clear and easy to read. The short lines indicate the influence of erotic thoughts in relationships. The line or lines which run parallel to the Heart Line are called the Sangh lines, and are popularly known as Marriage Line.
  • These lines arise from the Life Line and pass from the Shukra Parvat or Mount of Venus.
  • The lines emerging from the Lunar Mount or Chandra Parvat and those touching the Fate Line should not intersect.
  • If the above conditions fail to form or do not coincide, it cannot be predicted whether or not the marriage is on cards. However, it can be inferred that the lines may get formed in the future.
  • If there are many clear lines on the palm going in different directions from the Shukra Parvat or Mount of Venus, that indicates that the native will be slightly different in terms of love. There is a possibility of that native being deceived in love.

We hope that you will appreciate this blog of ours. Wish you a very happy and prosperous married life!! 

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