KKR vs RR (25th April): IPL 2019 Today Match Prediction

Today’s match is scheduled to take place between Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals at 8 pm IST. The teams will come face to face at Eden Gardens today i.e. 25th April 2019. This is the second match of the season where both of these teams will play against each other. In the previous match, KKR managed to overpower RR by 8 wickets. This match will provide RR with another opportunity to make it up for their last loss. However, both of these teams’ respective performances have not been satisfactory in the ongoing season. KKR is minimally ahead of RR in the points table and placed on the sixth position while RR occupies the seventh position. The fans of both these teams are yet to see their groundbreaking performances. Will RR manage to take KKR’s position in the points table after today’s match? We will have to wait till tonight to find that out.


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Nevertheless, let us take a look at the astrological predictions of today’s match.

KKR vs RR  Match Prediction

The prediction of today’s match is curated from Horary Kundali. However, viewers should keep in mind that this prediction will be applicable for Rajasthan Royals only. In the field of astrology, the ascendant house, its ruling lord, and the sixth house, along with its ruling lord are taken into account for predictions based on Horary Kundali. For today’s prediction, we have considered the rotated version of Horary Kundali, so that it becomes Libra ascendant. The same is being done because the name sign of Rajasthan Royals also happens to be Libra.


Ascendant House: The ascendant house is not under the beneficial influence of any planet. Rather, the Sun’s aspect from the seventh house is subtracting its strength. Thus, the ascendant house of the Kundali remains in a weak state.

Ascendant Lord: Ascendent lord, Venus is placed in the unfavorable sixth house in an exalted manner. However, it’s exalted state will fail to procure any positive results as auspicious planets procure negative results when they are placed in the Kundali’s sixth house. It can, therefore, be inferred that ascendant lord Venus’ position is also weak in the Kundali.

Sixth House: Mercury, in its debilitated state is afflicting the sixth house of the Kundali. Because of this position,  the sixth house is in a powerless state.

The Ruling Lord of Sixth House: Jupiter, the lord of 6th house is in its last degree of motion and it is also present in an unfavorable sign Scorpio. Moreover, It is also being aspected by the malefic planet Mars. Thus it can be concluded that the ruling lord of the sixth house is also weak.

Consequently, the astrological predictions stated above, point out that RR’s performance will remain under the weather in today’s match. The team may have to face defeat by the hands of KKR.

Winning Team: KKR is the probable winner of today’s match.

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DISCLAIMER: We would like to add that the IPL Team names, logos, IPL Marks and texts used are the sole property of IPL. These cricket information and predictions are provided for astrological, academic and research purposes only and doesn’t support any kind of illegal or immoral activities such as betting. Kindly do not carry out such activities and stay true to law.

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