Kajri Teej : Fast Rituals on this Day for your Husband’s long life!

The festival of Kajri Teej is going to be celebrated this Thursday i.e on 6 August. According to the Hindu Panchang, every year in the month of Bhadrapada, on the third day of Krishna Paksha, the fast of Kajri Teej is observed. This fast is observed mainly in many states of the country including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar. If you have any questions pertaining to this fast or any other general query, then you may click on this link and speak to our expert astrologers. 

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You may probably be wondering how this Teej is different from other Teej fasts. So, with this blog, we are going to tell you the significance of celebrating this festival as well as some special things related to this day.

What is Kajri Teej?

Teej festival, which is considered a symbol of love of husband and wife, is very important in Hinduism. On this day, married women observe a Nirjala fast for their husband’s long life. In some places, even unmarried girls observe a fast on this day to get the desired life partner. Married women observe many fasts like Karva Chauth, Hartalika Teej, Hariyali Teej, Vat Savitri etc. every year for their husband’s long life and well being. 

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Among these, Kajri Teej is considered to be the most special for the long life, better health and prosperity of their better halves. It is also known by names like Kajali Teej, Badhi Teej, Badi Teej, and Saturi Teej etc. Women observe this fast with great devotion and joy for a happy married life and perform all the necessary rituals joyously.

Auspicious Muhurat for Kajri Teej

August 5, 2020 at 22:52:22 (Beginning of Tritiya)

August 7, 2020 at 00:16:54 (End of Tritiya)

Note: The Muhurat mentioned above is valid for New Delhi only. Click Here to know the auspicious time for Kajri Teej according to your city!

Significance of Kajri Teej 

According to the scriptures, Kajri Teej is one of the three Teej ceremonies celebrated throughout the year. Like Akha and Hariyali Teej, special preparations are also made for this Teej. Women who observe this fast get the blessings of Goddess Parvati. It is believed that on the day of Kajri Teej, Maa Parvati had received the results through deep meditation (Tapasya) to win over Shiva. For this particular reason, both Shankar ji and Parvati Mata are worshipped on this day.

If unmarried girls observe this fast, they get their desired groom. On this day, women have to observe a complete fast i.e. even without a sip of water. At the time of sunset, women have to take a bath, wear clean clothes and make a clay idol of Shiva-Parvati to worship the pair.

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Puja Vidhi for Kajri Teej

The Puja Vidhi of all fasts is different from one another. The rituals of Kajri Teej are slightly different from the rest of both Teej fasts. Let us know what they are:

  • On the day of Kajri Teej, wear clean clothes after taking a bath in the morning.
  • If women observe this fast without consuming any food, then they get even better results. However, if a woman is pregnant, then she can consume fruits during this fast.
  • Before worshipping, make a clay idol of Shiva-Parvati. If not possible, then consider a picture of Shiva-Parvati to carry out the Puja.
  • After this, offer all the items of suhag, such as bangles, Bindi, Kumkum(vermilion), Kajal(kohl), red clothes, Mehndi etc. to Goddess Parvati and worship with all rituals.
  • After the puja rituals are complete, offer food and donation to a Brahmin. The items of Suhag offered in the Puja should be given to a poor brahmin.
  • Seek the blessings of all the elderly women of the family at home.
  • Take a bath in the evening before the Moon appears in the sky and worship after dressing up properly.  
  • Wear a silver ring while taking wheat grain in your hand and offer water to the Moon and circumambulate the same place seven times. 
  • After all the rituals are complete, women who are fasting can end their fast.

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The Fast Ends After the Moon Appears

This fast is very similar to the fast of Karva Chauth. There is a tradition of offering water to the Moon on the day Kajri Teej. On this day, women fast throughout the day and before the appearance of the Moon, they take a bath again and worship the Moon with water, Roli, Akshat and Bhoga. The fast ends only after catching a glimpse of the Moon.

On the day of Kajri Teej, various dishes are prepared with wheat, barley,  rice sattu, ghee and dry fruits etc. In many places, women enjoy swinging at home, gathering at a place with their friends where they take part in singing and dancing.

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Cows Should be Worshipped on this Day

In Hinduism, a cow has got the status of the holiest animal and is referred to as  ‘mother’ in our culture. According to the Vedas and Puranas, all the deities reside in the body of Gau Mata, therefore it is also called the Kamadhenu. Worshipping Gau Mata brings happiness and peace in the house and leads to prosperity. This is the reason why Gau Mata is specially worshipped on the day of Kajri Teej. Eating after feeding the cows on this day is considered extremely auspicious.

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Kajri Teej Fast: Mythology and Legends

There are many famous stories related to Kajri Teej. Today, we are going to tell you about one of these. According to mythological beliefs, on this day, Parvati Mata received Shiva as her husband after observing deep austerity (Tapasya). It was very difficult for Goddess Parvati to get married to Mahadev, the grand patron of the deities. 

After observing deep meditation for several years, Parvati Mata could win over Mahadev as her husband. According to the Puranas, after going through 108 life circles, Goddess Parvati was able to marry Lord Shiva. Therefore, if a woman fasts and worships Goddess Parvati and Shiva on this day, she is blessed to live as “Suhagin”/ married forever.

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Hope we have enlightened you with this article. Thank you all for associating with us!

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