Find Out What’s Your Lucky Color As Per Zodiac Sign!

Do you know what is your lucky colour according to your zodiac sign? If not, so let’s find out which color might ignite the luck factor in your life through Vedic astrology. There are 12 zodiac signs in astrology and all have their respective sign lord. Each zodiac sign has its own different nature which affects the human life. The auspicious colours are given for all 12 zodiac signs in Hindu Astrology.

Lucky Color for Aries Sign

Mars is the lord of Aries. It is of the fire element. According to Vedic astrology, red color is auspicious for Aries. Hence, you should wear red clothes every Tuesday.

Lucky Color for Taurus Sign

The lord of Taurus is Venus. This is an earthy sign. According to astrology, pink color is lucky for this sign. Hence you should wear pink clothes on Friday. It may strengthen your fortune.

Auspicious Color for Gemini Sign

The natural ruler of this sign is Planet Mercury. This is of the air element. According to astrology, green color is lucky for Gemini people. The people of this zodiac sign should wear green clothes on Wednesday.

Lucky Color for Cancer Sign

Moon is the owner of Cancer sign. It  is of the water element. According to Hindu astrology, white, sea green or light blue are lucky colours for Cancer people. You should wear clothes of this colour on every Monday. It may strengthen your fortune.

Lucky Color for Leo

Sun is the natural lord of zodiac sign Leo. According to Vedic astrology, it is of the fire element. Saffron and golden color are lucky for Leo sign. You should wear saffron or orange colour clothes on every Sunday.

Lucky Color for Virgo

The natural lord of Virgo sign is planet Mercury. According to astrology, it is of the earth element. Green is auspicious for Virgo sign people. These people should wear green clothes on Wednesdays. By doing so, they will get positive results.

Lucky Color for Libra

The natural ruler of this sign is Venus and it is an airy sign. Lucky colors for the people of this zodiac are Pink and Off White. You should wear this colour on Friday. This will increase your fate.

Lucky Color for Scorpio Sign

The natural ruler of this sign is Mars. According to Vedic Astrology, It is a watery sign. Red colour is lucky for this zodiac sign people. One should wear red colour clothes on the Tuesdays to obtain the good results in life.

Auspicious Color for Sagittarius

The natural ruler of this sign is Jupiter. According to Vedic Astrology, the yellow colour is an auspicious colour for these sign native. Hence, native should wear yellow colour clothes on the day of Thursday to get the benefic results.

Lucky Color for Capricorn

The natural ruler of this sign is Saturn and it is an earthy sign. Hence the lucky colour  for this sign people is Black. One should wear black colour clothes on Saturdays to attain auspicious results.

Lucky Color for Aquarius

According to Vedic Astrology, the natural ruler of this sign is Saturn and it is an airy sign. Hence the auspicious colour for these natives are Black, Violet and dark blue. They should wear these coloured clothes on Saturdays to please “Shani Dev”

Lucky Color for Pisces

According to Vedic Astrology, Pisces is watery sign and Jupiter is the natural lord of this sign. The auspicious colour for this sign is Yellow. These native should wear Yellow colored clothes to strengthen their fate on Thursdays.

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