Face Reading: What Your Face Reveals About Your Personality

The face is the mirror of your own personality. God has created every human being with a different form of shape, size, and color. There is no breakthrough in the art of God. Hence, human faces look so different from each other.

Do you know that by looking at the face of a person, you can actually know about his nature? Yes, just as palm reading is an art, reading face is also a kind of art. Through which anyone can predict your future and health conditions. This art is called “Face Reading”.

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Nowadays business relationships are happening on the golf course or in clubs rather than in the working space. People meet each other and take big decisions of their lives. If we learn how to read the face of a person, we can present our thoughts in a better way. When we meet a person, we will get desired results if we know their likes and dislikes. Whether you are a businessman, socialite or a home-based person, you should learn the techniques of face reading.

Just think for a while, if a salesman reads the face of the customer and offers services according to his interest, it will be a win-win situation for both the parties. A person with fire element desires materialistic things. On the contrary, the person with Earth element chooses an item at a low price.

If a father goes with the marriage proposal of his daughter and reads the boy’s face, then he can determine with his ways and facial expressions if he can meet the criteria. He will come to have an idea about whether the person is appropriate for his daughter or not. A person of sky element holds the highest social responsibility. For him, the soft hearted-nature holds greater importance. In such a situation, if a girl with water element comes into his life, then his life will be filled with rifts. A person with water element strives for love. The person gets into the depression zone if not been given much-needed love and attention.

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Just as nature is made up of five elements, same is with humans. These five elements are present in human bodies in different ratios. We can know the element just by reading the face of the person. Knowing the techniques of face reading makes our path simple and easier. With the help of face reading, we can learn any person’s qualities, abilities, interests, and distrust.

Man’s Behavior According to Various Elements:

  • Earth- A person with Earth Element is patient and tied with family traditions and responsibilities. He believes in savings, plannings, and decision-making.
  • Fire- A person with Fire element gets attracted towards expensive things. He has the craving for grandeur, social, and high-profile life. Such people are full of anger and have a lot of leadership qualities.
  • Air- The person with Air element is very dear to diversity. He goes to the place of newness, development, and expansion. They cannot stay idle. Good journalists, leaders and salesmen come under this element.
  • Water- The person with Water element embodies the beauty of love, passion, emotion, happy, and cheerful mind. They can be easily influenced by love. If they get cheated, they soon become a victim of depression.
  • Sky- A person with Sky element is the master of high and liberal thinking. They are more inclined towards spirituality, philosophy and social service. They don’t like to be engaged in family obligations. Their attachment to materialism is zero and social thinking is up to the highest point.

All-in-all, face-reading is an art which makes us successful in every field of life. Only by using face techniques, we can analyze the behavior of a person.
Let’s talk about the most popular Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor and use face reading techniques to describe his personality traits.

ranbir-kapoorFace Reading of Ranbir Kapoor
If we read the facial expressions of this actor closely, then the size of his face is of the Fire element. Such people are of majestic nature. Open space, mountain, height, speed, and grandparents are some of his mode of attractions. An elite living is one of the qualities imbibed in his personality since birth. Such a person gets angry very quickly. But his broad forehead keeps him intact to his ethics and old traditions.

His hair shows his enthusiastic, hardworking, optimistic, balanced and thoughtful nature. Ranbir Kapoor’s eyes have a hidden sense of peace, selfishness, suspense and curiosity. He also knows how to praise others. His dense face reflects persistence and diversity in his nature. He completes his work with firmness. His long nose shows his balancing personality trait. He gives respect to everyone. He believes in actions than words. The width of his nose reflects that he will get the support of his family.

Thin lips of Ranbir Kapoor shows that he takes the right advantage of the right opportunity. His pink lips represent his high health, balanced and humble nature. Ranbir’s ears are big and soft. Such a person is the master of charismatic personality. The power of hearing, new thinking and quest for knowledge are some of the qualities of such people. Ranbir Kapoor’s ear flame is large, which reflects his intelligent, respectable and generous nature.

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His teeth are balanced, which shows his calm nature. He never feels to disappoint anyone. His long wide neck reflects his physical and mental strength. He is a visionary, balanced, and passionate lover. Ranbir Kapoor is everyone’s favorite. Such a person is sure to have success in life. They also have hidden qualities in their understanding of life. One can never beat such a person with high moral values and extraordinary qualities.

Hence, the behavior of a person can be analyzed through the techniques of face reading. By grasping full knowledge, we can master the techniques of face reading that makes our life simple, easier, and worth living.

Mrs. Dipti Jain
Mrs. Dipti Jain is a renowned Vastu expert, popular for plant vastu, pyramid vastu, fengshui, aroma therapy, face reading, color therapy, palmistry and vastu visits. Rewarded with some popular awards, she is a popular name in electronic media and spiritual writing.

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