Chaitra Navratri Day Three with Gauri Puja: Know the Significance

On the third day of Navratri, Goddess Chandraghanta is to be worshipped by duly following all the rites and rituals. The fiery Goddess comes riding a lion and her body seems to be plated with radiant Gold. She has 10 arms and out of which she carries Trident, Mace, Sword, and Kamandalu in her four arms.

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The fifth arm of the Goddess remains in a “Var-Mudra”. The remaining four arms of the Goddess are filled with a lotus flower, bow, arrow, rosary (Japa Mala) and the fifth hand remains in an “Abhay Mudra”. This representation of the Goddess is supposedly an epitome of power and prosperity.

Goddess Chandraghanta removes all kinds of fears and doubts from the minds of her devotees. The Goddess has a bell (Ghanta) shaped Moon(Chandra) on her head, due to which she is called Chandraghanta Devi. while worshipping this particular deity, it is advised to chant a particular mantra which is mentioned below.

“yā devī sarvabhūteṣu māṃ caṃdraghaṃṭā rūpeṇa saṃsthitā। namastasyai, namastasyai, namastasyai, namo namaḥ।”

“या देवी सर्वभूतेषु मां चंद्रघंटा रूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै, नमस्तस्यै, नमस्तस्यै, नमो नमः।”

How to Worship Goddess Chandraghanta

  • If you wish to witness the influence of happiness and prosperity in your life, then you should keep the Shubh Muhurat in mind while commemorating the Puja for Goddess Chandraghanta
  • Take the idol of goddess Chandraghanta and cleanse it with saffron and purified water.
  • Afterwards, decorate the idol of the Goddess with golden coloured clothes.
  • While commemorating the rituals, offerings of sweets made of saffron or milk to the Goddess as it definitely ensures the inflow of positive results.
  • Apart from this, do not forget to make offerings of jaggery and red apples to the Goddess as they are quite dear to her.
  • Grace the idol of the Goddess with garlands made of white Lotus and pink roses.
  • While the puja is going on you should chant the mantra, “yā devī sarvabhūteṣu māṃ caṃdraghaṃṭā rūpeṇa saṃsthitā। namastasyai, namastasyai, namastasyai, namo namaḥ।”/ “या देवी सर्वभूतेषु मां चंद्रघंटा रूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै, नमस्तस्यै, नमस्तस्यै, नमो नमः।”
  • If possible, play drums on this day.
  • Ring some bells while the Aarti is going on.
  • Once the Puja rituals are complete, cow milk is offered as “Prasad”.

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Colours To Wear While Worshipping Goddess Chandraghanta

Goddess Chandraghanta is considered to be the epitome of power and prosperity and she is worshipped during the third day of Navaratri. Her clothes are red blood in colour. Maa Chandraghanta governs the Manipura Chakra according to the esoteric studies, which is directly related to Mars in astrology. In such a situation, if dark red clothes are worn while worshipping Chandraghanta Devi, then there are chances of the native coming into contact with unlimited peace and prosperity.

Benefits of Worshipping Goddess Chandraghanta

  • The reverence of Goddess Chandraghanta eradicates all kinds of sins and hurdles from one’s life.
  • Worshipping Goddess Chandraghanta makes a person fearless and mighty.
  • Goddess Chandraghanta also safeguards one from supernatural restrictions and negative energies.
  • Along with a person being fearless and mighty due to worshipping Goddess Chandraghanta, he/she also additionally generates modesty in his/her behaviour. At the same time, the individual’s facial features also improve with time because of this.
  • Worshipping Goddess Chandraghanta with an obliged heart and mind also helps one to obtain redemption from all kinds of physical difficulties and pains.

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Astrological Facts Associated with Goddess Chandraghanta

As per astrological considerations, Goddess Chandraghanta rules over the planet Venus. Hence, worshipping her also negates the malefic effects of the morning star, Venus.

As devotees will be seen worshipping the Chandraghanta incarnation of Goddess Durga on the third day of Navratri, many will also be seen taking part in the festivities of Gauri Puja or Gan Gaur. Let us find out the significance of this festival.

Gauri Puja/Gangaur Celebrations

For married female natives, the fast kept during Gauri Puja is of special importance. Women worship Goddess Parvati with great devotion on this day and plead her to fulfil their wishes. Gauri Pujan is observed to ensure the inflow of happiness and prosperity in one’s life. It is believed that if Goddess Parvati is pleased with the fast observed by devotees on this day, she fills one’s life with happiness and prosperity.

This fast also proves to be quite impactful in improving the relationship between a husband and wife. Apart from this, if you are facing any problem related to marriage or in getting married, or else if you wish to get married to a desirable partner, then this fast will prove to be quite effective for you.

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